control room

I am walking along a solid green wall made of some homogenous material. I am invited in through the wall. Passing through the wall is easy when you are invited in. There is no one who invites me in. I am just welcome. Inside the room is a control panel, about 5 meters wide. . . . → Read More: control room

Resizer Technology

an interesting new technology that will help web pages if it works as well as in the demo.

Co-Inventor of Image Resizer Technology

Tripitaka. Sutrapitaka. Vimalakirtinirdesa — Commentaries.

it would seem that my name translates as: Vimalakirti. I wonder if this is correct? maybe not, according to another translation, wikipedia, the name does not translate in the same way.

維摩詰經 / 談錫永導讀 ; 葉文意釋義.

Fake Landings on the Moon


I was watching a Mythbusters episode. They said that 20% of Americans believe that the moon landings were fake and then set about disproving the conspiracy theories. While I totally agree with Mythbusters on this, I think that they are fighting an uphill battle. You see I think that the people . . . → Read More: Fake Landings on the Moon

total eclipse of the moon

Well along with most other photographers in Australia, I went out to take photos of the moon.

“eclipse” by yewenyi [?]

50’s fair

It seems such a long time since I went to this the last time. But it has come around again. Not much has changed since last year, but this time I knew more of what to expect and my photography has hopefully improved a lot since the time before. There will be photos to follow, . . . → Read More: 50’s fair

Chinese and Chinese

When people in Sydney talk of liking the Chinese, they mean the government of China. When I speak of liking the chinese, I mean the people of Chinese ancestry, such as myself. Anyone who knows anything about Chinese culture would understand the importance of ancestry. But apparently not Australians and Americans. I would have something . . . → Read More: Chinese and Chinese

Dinner in Cabramatta

it was very very good for a $6.50 meal. I do not know the name of the place. We were in Hughs Street, Cabramatta, and it is the place next to the parking lot on the Station side. The juices were also very good.

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. . . → Read More: Dinner in Cabramatta

taxis in China

Like everything else Chinese taxis have come a long way and have a long way to go. I have a natural aversion to taxis, which I will not go into here. But, one of the problems with taxis in China always was that they ran cartels. So in 1992, the taxis at a train station . . . → Read More: taxis in China

Escape from a tunnel

This is a part of a long series of repeating dreams from the 1980’s. Occasionally the dream happens again.

I am in a tunnel. In this instance the tunnel is long an narrow. I am manning an artillery position with several others. We are attacked by a bunch of trolls. They overrun our . . . → Read More: Escape from a tunnel