Police and Courts

When I was in China in 1992, there was quite a lot of discussion in the English Language press about the lack of a judiciary. In China the police were responsible for arresting you and then prosecuting you and sentencing you. As you can imagine it is a quite unsatisfactory state of affairs that will . . . → Read More: Police and Courts


RSL clubs as they exist in NSW and QLD seem to show one of the great political divides in Australia. The divide between the north-eastern states (qld/nsw) and the rest. I’ve always found RSL clubs a bit weird. They only exist in their guise as drinking and gambling dens in these states. I suppose . . . → Read More: RSL

Vladimir Putin a gay icon

I just love it. Previously I spoke of Vladimir. To find out that he is a gay icon on ABC raido was just very very cool. Almost hysterical.

“putin_.JPG” by win/win [?]

rocket ship

I have been wandering around my wilderness camp in the forest happy and alone. I come to a wall of large white stone blocks. At it’s base is a rocket ship. I am offered a ride into the sky. I decline.

moving house

It is the final day of the time off to move house. The drama of the air con is resolved. Though at the moment, leaving the doors open seems a better option. The alarm system is installed and working. The adsl modem showed up,t but the adsl is not connected at the exchange. I am . . . → Read More: moving house


Well I have moved house. It took ages, partly because it is up three floors. But most things are up there. I have never been so tired from a move. And even when I changed the light bulb I needed a 15 minute rest.


Frost, birdsong, instant coffee, arnotts biscuits, balsmic vinegar & pumpkin bread.


We went down to the Floraid, and stayed the night in Gunning. It was great to be in the NSW country again, it is ingrained in my soul. Crisp morning and the smell of frozen cow poo. The Floriad was interesting, though I think that there is a lack of variety of types of flowers. . . . → Read More: floriad

Woman in Black

A strange event happened while moving house. I was down in the basement putting some things in my car. As I returned I saw the bottom of the truck in the drive up at road level. I head someone running on the wooden plank ramp leading up into the truck. So I ran towards the . . . → Read More: Woman in Black


The people moving into my place are pushing for a 12:30 settlement. I agree so this is good. It gives me time to get into the new place.