Dinner at makan@Alice's.

Dinner at makan at Alice up in Thornleigh. It is a malaysian place and the best I have found so far in Sydney. Still not fully up to the Melbourne standard, but now my list of good malayisan places in Sydney had grown to 2. The best two dishes were the Chai Tow Kuih and . . . → Read More: Dinner at makan@Alice’s.


I have not blogged for a while because my computer has been at the repair man. it should arrive home tomorrow. I had my first job as a member of the mysterious SPB paparzzi at the Different Christmas party. It is hard, but fun work and the food and drinks were good.

. . . → Read More: Paparazzi

a long history of WWII

Britain and France joined the war to free Poland, which had been invaded by Germany an Russia. For a while Germany kicked out the Russians, and then the Russians kicked out Germany. In the end Poland was only freed in 1989. So WWII ended in 1989 even though the fighting ended much earlier. . . . → Read More: a long history of WWII

Winch room at the top

This one occured from about the time I arrived in Sydney in it’s current form. Though the emtpy room existed for some time before.

I am in the top of a dome shaped room looking down. Two people, possibly male stand and look at a device. It is like a winch, with wooden handles and . . . → Read More: Winch room at the top

SPB Day Trip III - Kangaroo Valley

Well we headed off to Kangaroo Valley this time because Emma took some photos there and suddenly every one else had to go there. It’s a nice spot.We went via the inland route and came back out via the coast road. We started out early in the morning. The first stop was in the Southern . . . → Read More: SPB Day Trip III – Kangaroo Valley


for some strange reason, male people here in Sydney seem to call their partners uglies. very weird.

Helen's Birthday

We went into town and had Thai for Helen’s birthday.

the french

I have always thought of the French as being people from France, or those from other places, who have French ancestry. I still think this. But unfortunately there seems to be many racist people here who think that being French is a synonym for cheating on your partner. Now this is wrong in at least . . . → Read More: the french


this is a dream that I think started occurign some time around the age of 10. It continued, mostly unchanged until I was in my 20’s and then very rarely since then. If I want to, I can recall it instantly.

I stand amonst huge square blocks of stone. They are 10 times on thier . . . → Read More: foundation

Sydney Bus Museum

Looking at the map, it was clear that just around the corner is the Sydney Bus Museum. Finally I got a spare day and headed off down there. It is a simple affair and anoyingly I could not get to most of the busses as they are almost all closed and half you cannot even . . . → Read More: Sydney Bus Museum