to Rio Tinto and Coal and Allied, owners of Mouth Thorley Warkwarth

This is an open letter to the owners of this mine. I am a member of the Sydney Photobloggers Photography group. On Sunday 30 December, we went for a Photo Trip to the Hunter Valley. Passing by your mine we saw some terrific photography opportunities and decided to stop to take some photos.

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SPB Road Trip IV

Apart from our run in with Australia’s security aparatus, we visited a few places on the way for our trip. The route was Sydney – Windsor – Colo – Putty – Payne’s Crossing – Singleton – Bucketty – Old Great North Road – St Albans, Wiseman’s Ferry and back to Sydney.

Colo River

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a weird tv

this one just happened, I got up to write it down. It follows an evening of quite unusual dreams. Some of the early ones my recollection is not sufficient to write down. but the last part of the last one is quite clear.

I am in a room which is where I live. This . . . → Read More: a weird tv

layout managers

Downloaded netbeans 6.0 a few days ago. Spent a while fighting the layout manager. Changed the layout from absolute to gridbag (my favourite) still fought the layout manager. Gave up in disgust. Some time later, thought, I wonder if it is a bug. So went back, downloaded all the latest patches. Lo and behold! the . . . → Read More: layout managers


I went to the doctor this morning. There are many places, so I picked a likely one as I did not want to travel all the way to the one who had been recommended. This turned out to be a mistake and I think I have me the worst doctor I have ever met. This . . . → Read More: doctor,



I have always considered the opposite of friend to be enemy. But in Sydney they think that it is acquaintance.

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time man of the year

Brian’s selection of time’s man of the year awards:

2007 – Vladimir Putin


Orphans' Christmas

For the second year in a row we had an Orphan’s Christmas. This time we went to Taronga Zoo. We ate lots of food, with not a single piece of turkey or ham to be seen, and then had a photo competition, of which the results have not yet been calculated.

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a weird game

this dream occurred this morning, for the first time to my knowledge. It was in colour, though the main colour was dark green, the water was blue, and the players wore white.

I am standing on a hockey field and we are hitting hockey balls with their hockey sticks. I pan back. There are players . . . → Read More: a weird game


For some reason people here in Sydney have a real aversion to the term Arty. It is not quite possible to tell from their body language, but perhaps it is something to do with being snobby. But they are the ones being snobby. weird.