nude beach

It’s been ages since I posted a site, but this one is just a bit silly. What I really need is for the petrol station companies to produce POI files so I can put them in my GPS. Shell and Mobil, are you listening? Maybe even the YHA should get . . . → Read More: nudar

a list on a computer

this dream only every happened once.

my mind is wrenched to a computer screen. a second person tries to stop the list. drags the scroll bar back up the list. the first person drags is back down. I see my name on the list under the category CCC. the second person is angry and says, . . . → Read More: a list on a computer


it seems that some people here (and it seems from Melbourne) think that talking about dishwashers is a statement about money laundering. I think that they work for the same group of people.

LEOPARD: a .net based agent architecture.

sounds like the other brian yap from melbourne, but this is a german site.

“The Trouble with Malaysia” by Brian Yap

I presume from the man in Singapore.

Synopsis: Malaysia is in trouble – everyone knows that, and just as many have an opinion why. Here’s yet another one.


a dream, a few weeks ago. completely unlike any other.

There is just a word. The word is sorry. They are very sorry. They offer a personal apology from the chief of police. I resist the dream and stop it in its tracks. This is not what I want.

dishwasher drama

For some reason a man from telstra was concerned about me emailing reminders to myself to buy a dishwasher. I wonder how he knew?

And the drama goes on…

I decided to order my dishwasher online as it was very significantly cheaper and I though I would try out this new method.

LG Dishwasher LD1403W1 . . . → Read More: dishwasher drama

AGL3080 GPS Photo Tracker

A while back I decided that my Garmin GPS was not really useful as a data logger for coordinates for a few reasons, 1) it has limited battery life, 2) it is bulky to carry around, 3) it only holds 10,000 coordinates and then when you save them to the card it looses the time . . . → Read More: AGL3080 GPS Photo Tracker


mmm, been here for a decade, and the wether has varied a lot. There are three seasons in Sydney:

winter. it is on the odd occasion a little cold. Otherwise just a bit cooler than the rest of the year. no ice, very few frosts, no snow, a fair bit of fog. Summer, lasts for . . . → Read More: weather

I and You

Some people here in Sydney think that it is very sophisticated to say I when they mean you. Usually using a misquote or something completely out of context.