SPB Day Trip V

I headed up to the Blue Mountains with Raymond and Ayako. At first we visited the Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum. We had lunch in Springwood and then headed to the Glenbrook part of the Blue Mountains National Park. In the afternoon we headed down to Kirribilly to watch the QE2 and Queen Victoria . . . → Read More: SPB Day Trip V

One Day Event

But it goes over 2 days. I went down to the Sydney International Equestrian Center to take some photos of the horses. I spent a few hours with Gail, one of the flickr people and also a horse rider.

“Show Jumping” by yewenyi [?] “Feb ODE- SIEC” by ‘hold on’ [?]

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new plants

I have never much liked the plants on the south planter. So I chose to replace them. I had picked out two plants to use with Keat the previous weekend, but the nursery had sold the second plant type, so I used ones that are all the same. They have grown to two or three . . . → Read More: new plants

dinner at the bank

Well we ended up eating at the bank. The guys were playing with their flashes. Raymond brought his sound triggered flash.

“SPB Style flash photography….” by yewenyi “Catch his flash” by SydneyWalker [?]

“one beer, two beers, three beers” by yewenyi

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Chinese New Year Banquet @ Makan @ Alice's

Well another good meal at Makan @ Alice’s. This time it was a new year banquet. Two meals stood out, the Yee Sang and the Basket Of Prosperity and the jelly desert was good. . . . → Read More: Chinese New Year Banquet @ Makan @ Alice’s

The new plant

Well, the old plant never look healthy after moving house. Late last week it finally succumbed. So on the weekend I headed off with Keat to wander the nurseries. We started out in Penrith, where is a nursery that specializes in natives. Then we went back to the nursery where she works. There they had . . . → Read More: The new plant

Maroubra Beach Photo Shoot

My third photo shoot. For the first time I was starting to be in some control of the situation and started to have some idea of the roles of the various people. It was a good experience. This time we were at Maroubra beach. We had three models, with two photographers per model. I worked . . . → Read More: Maroubra Beach Photo Shoot

U.S. officials say broken satellite will be shot down

by smallritual

Quoting NEWS.COM: They are shooting it down because:

President Bush ordered the action to prevent any possible contamination from that hazardous rocket fuel on board, and not out of any concern that parts of the spacecraft might survive and its secrets be revealed, officials said.

The fuel tank is believed sturdy enough . . . → Read More: U.S. officials say broken satellite will be shot down

Who do you think you are?

Last night on SBS was a TV show about AFL announcer Dennis Cometti. He and I share a great great great grand-mother – the convict Hannah Stanley. She is our direct line maternal grandmother. So all of my relatives, descended from Lorna Marks, are also cousins of Dennis.

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H Turn had been dead since 1981.

This is one of the oddest dreams I have had. It occurred tonight. In fact I got up to write it down. The dream is very disjointed, especially towards the end.

I am on a train. The train for some reason is the last one. Later I am on the train tack in a dry . . . → Read More: H Turn had been dead since 1981.