White Lotus Restaurant

This place opened when I just lived down the road in West Melbourne. But soon after I moved to Kallista and now live in Marrickville. So it was good when it was suggested that we have dinner here. The menu has changed quite a bit in all these years. Previously it was just plain, really . . . → Read More: White Lotus Restaurant

167 Arthurton Road Northcote

In 1991 I purchased this property. I had the intention of making renovations while living in it. But during the settlement period I moved to Adelaide. After 18 months there I came back to Melbourne. For a while I house sat a friends house in West Melbourne, before moving to Kallista. My work friends called . . . → Read More: 167 Arthurton Road Northcote

Trash the Planet

A favourite by Scared Weird Little Guys.

a bizarre sense of risk…

Politics comes up with strange seemingly stupid outcomes some times. For instance take these two things. Now I would have thought that deaths that do occur are a worse outcome that ones that do not. But here in NSW they do not think this way.

When the government wanted to introduce random speed cameras, people . . . → Read More: a bizarre sense of risk…

Elsie Marley’s Mates – Wheeze and Suck Band

The Wheeze and Suck Band is an Australian band, playing a mix of folk music styles. I only saw them briefly at the festival, but it was enough to want to purchase a CD.

Elsie Marie is a simply arranged dance tune that brings back such memories of listening to folk music in Melbourne in . . . → Read More: Elsie Marley’s Mates – Wheeze and Suck Band

locked doors and brief cases

This dream occurred a little over a week ago. As far as I know, it is a new one.

I am in the foyer of a multi story building. I want to leave the building. But the main doors are closed. I am with a group of about 8 people I do not know who . . . → Read More: locked doors and brief cases


When I first moved to Sydney, some people would advise me that waring red was considered a bad, undesirable thing. People do not like people who wear read. And in LA there wearing red can get you killed. I have never understood why what happens in LA should be an issue to what you wear . . . → Read More: red

LOUDlight Exhibition at MTV Gallery

I headed of to the LOUDlight Exhibition at MTV Gallery held by cybele malinowski. It was a good night. I am not a person who frequents these openings. But it was interesting to be in this part of Sydney society and we met some nice people.

and some photos on the train trip . . . → Read More: LOUDlight Exhibition at MTV Gallery

A walk in Cocoparra National Park

On my weekend trip to Griffith, I stopped at Cocoparra National Park. I did not get to the top of the mountain as I intended, but instead ended up in the Spring Hill Picnic Area and doing the walk to the very dry, Flacon Falls.

After driving down a decent dirt road, I arrived at . . . → Read More: A walk in Cocoparra National Park

Katie Rowe – the Simplest of Things

On one of the occasions, when I was on my own, I wandered into the second half of Katie’s performance at the Troubadour. This performance was my first pleasant surprise of the National Folk Festival and luckily I arrived just as Katie was about to sing Fred the Dog. Katie Rowe is an excellent song . . . → Read More: Katie Rowe – the Simplest of Things