I have always though as foreigners as being people from other places. Hence I am eternally a foreigner. But here is Sydney they seem to have come bizarre other meaning. I have not worked it out yet. Feel free to post it here if you know it. I know that the people in Melbourne sometimes . . . → Read More: foreigners

dinner in Newtown

, originally uploaded by The Department.

we went back to Newtown for dinner.

Storms over marrickville

Last time there was a storm, I was unable to take any photos because I did not have a proper tripod. But since then, I have purchased a tripod, so when this storm arrived I was ready. While the storm did not cooperated and locate it self in the best position, I learned lots about . . . → Read More: Storms over marrickville


Well I have always loved Eurovision, long before it became fashionable here in Australia. But this is the first time I headed off to the pub.

On some occasions I am in synch with the Europeans, and others I am not. This time I was only a little in synch. Here is my . . . → Read More: Eurotrash

disliking the lebanese

This has mostly stopped now, but when I first came to Sydney in 1997 and for many years there after, there was a vicious hatred of the lebanese community in particular and arabs in general particularly in the media and from politicians.

eathquake in china

some real and tragic photos.

triple replay

this is an unusual one, it was short, but it repeated three times. each time it was a little different and went for longer.

I am on a beach with another person. A missile (looks a bit like an A2, but way too small) comes in it flies on a very flat trajectory.

I am . . . → Read More: triple replay

SPB Saturday Photo Walk #19

I went on another photo walk, organised by James and some of the SPB photo crew.

“Writing on the wall in Eddy Ave” by yewenyi [?]

“Surry Hills” by yewenyi [?]

“Surry Hills” by yewenyi [?]

“Paddington” by yewenyi [?]

“Edgecliff” by yewenyi [?]

“Kings Cross” by yewenyi [?]

. . . → Read More: SPB Saturday Photo Walk #19

Boeing Factory – Melbourne

boeing 747

When in Melbourne recently I spoke to several people about the boeing strike. Actually they spoke to me as I was unaware that there was a 3 week long strike. They said that the reason for the strike was that Boeing had delayed the 777 development. This meant that they . . . → Read More: Boeing Factory – Melbourne

disliking the Japanese

Sometimes when I say I would like to live in Japan (which I would, at least for a while), I get very strongly negative responses. People here do not like this. They seem to think that it would mean that they have to behave in ways that they do not want to. I think that . . . → Read More: disliking the Japanese