cruising on the hawkesbury

We spent 2 days cruising on the Hawkesbury River, most of it in Ku-Ring-Gai National Park. We started at Brooklyn and then out onto the Hawkesbury. But we spent most of our time in Cowan Water and Cowan Creek in Ku-Ring-Gai national park. We did a bit of fishing. I did not catch any fish. . . . → Read More: cruising on the hawkesbury


Before I lived in Sydney, I used to travel here frequently for work. I have never liked traveling by taxi and I have always though sydney taxi drivers are the worst in Australia. The reason is that they would try and determine if you were from Sydney. If you were not they would take you . . . → Read More: taxis

Jicang Buddhanet discussion version of King Kong

第1篇回應: 吉藏 Buddhanet金剛討論版–來自 貼於 2004/5/2 下午 01:18:04 其實,末學當年在羅時憲和葉文意的道場提問過,說念佛可以追溯到五停心觀的多障眾生念佛觀,葉文意居士則推到六念之一的念佛,皆有所據。今得淨堂師兄於增一阿含經找出念佛的經證,更能饒益初學!

The first one response: Jicang Buddhanet discussion version of King Kong – affixed to the 2004/5/2 at 01:18:04 In fact, at the end of that year when the Gazette and in Romania the context of the Dojo a question that both . . . → Read More: Jicang Buddhanet discussion version of King Kong

an indoor photo shoot in hurstville

I did my first every indoor photo shoot in Hurstville at the Jump Street Dance studio. We used a fairly simple flash set up with two umbrellas and two strobes. I do not really have any equipment so I had to borrow almost everything. Thanks to Hoak for organising it.



Stephanie . . . → Read More: an indoor photo shoot in hurstville

Winter Magic Festival 2008

Last year I missed it. This year was good. There seemed to be a slightly better atmosphere in the crowd, it was happier. A good vibe. I did not stay long, and was not in a photography mood. But I purchased some stick on butterflies and a porcelain bat.

“Winter Magic Festival 2008” by yewenyi . . . → Read More: Winter Magic Festival 2008

narrow streets and no right turns

this was an odd little dream, that just occurred.

I am driving a car. I am going along a straight four lane road, down hill. I want to turn right in the turn right lane. But I am in the left lane. We drive past. The car seems to be driving itself. We stick to . . . → Read More: narrow streets and no right turns


People in Sydney add prawns to try to sell foreign food that the locals may not want to eat. They never do it to their own food. I cannot stand this because I am allergic to prawns and constantly have to ask if someone has unexpectedly added prawns to my meal. For example the other . . . → Read More: Prawns

a clear capsule

This is from a few days ago:

A man grabs a woman, she has curly black hair. He pushes her over to one side so her head is horizontal. He hits her on the left ear (now facing up). From her right ear falls two things. One is some ear wax. The other is a . . . → Read More: a clear capsule

of the french (again)

People keep on telling me that to like the french is to want to have an affair. They also say that to be Greek is to be gay. I do not think like this, but assuming that we take this to be true then the following must also be true:

To like the British is . . . → Read More: of the french (again)

the opposite of smart


It seems that they have only just worked this out. Certainly lots of people are talking about it.

In my mind, the opposite of smart is stupid.

Now, I know that most of these people don’t think this. But they must be bit slow to think that I think of it in the . . . → Read More: the opposite of smart