shot dead

this dream occurred only once a few years ago in full colour at the time that a dead soldier came back into the country.

There is a dormitory, very neat. It has about 8 single beds and modern construction. There are two people in soldiers uniforms. They are playing, pretending to shoot each other with . . . → Read More: shot dead

cosmopolitan or multicultural

One thing I always liked about Melbourne was how multicultural it was and how far it had come in this regard to when I first arrived there in about 1969. So it was a bit of a culture shock to step back in time by arriving in Sydney. Here are a few things that have . . . → Read More: cosmopolitan or multicultural

Le Grand Chef – 식색

I went for a walk down Illawarra road as the place I normally go for food was full. I did not get far before I discovered this Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant called Le Grand Chef. The food was good. I had the Kimchi Soup, with Pork. It was a soup, kimchi, with mushrooms, bean curd . . . → Read More: Le Grand Chef – 식색

Entry for July 25, 2008


well, the artist is back. I have to say I am not interested in purchasing this image. A pity. I would have loved to have purchased the t-shirt.

World Youth Day 2008 and No to Pope Rally

We did a SPB photo walk and went to both. Three of us started at 6AM in the morning outside McDonald’s in Circular Quay. To get there I had to catch the train from about 5:30 AM.

While waiting for confirmation of the fourth person we took some photos at the Rocks. Our fourth . . . → Read More: World Youth Day 2008 and No to Pope Rally

NSW Police

For the World Youth Day there were a few police. For the No to Pope Rally there was a heavy police presence. However the nature of both mobs was good. The chief police man was very relieved.

. . . → Read More: NSW Police

WYD 2008 and No To Pope Rally

A very different police presence for the rally and the protest, with almost no police for the Rally and very many police for the Protest. But in the end the only violence I saw was from an angry member of the rally who was grabbed by other rally members before any violence ensued.

. . . → Read More: WYD 2008 and No To Pope Rally

wierdness about middle names

I come from a Chinese Malaysian background and spent my early life in the newly separated Singapore. For chinese people middle names are a vital part of our name and are freely told to everyone. In fact when we are more formal, we use our middle names. My name is Yap . . . → Read More: wierdness about middle names

VIVID National Photography Festival

I went down to the VIVID National Photography Festival. It was an interesting night in a quite librarian sort of way, and Helen spoke on the need for good tags.

“VIVID National Photography Festival” by yewenyi [?]

“VIVID National Photography Festival” by yewenyi [?]

I stopped over at Cathy’s Place by the banks . . . → Read More: VIVID National Photography Festival

Scattered cubes

I think that this dream first occurred some time after I was 10 (1972). It continued for quite some time, though the frequency decreases over time, and then stopped apart from the odd reoccurrence in my mid 20’s. The dream is in black and white and always very short.

I stand in a field of . . . → Read More: Scattered cubes