Edirol UA-25EX

Today I purchased a Edirol UA25-EX by Roland to connect the computer to the keyboard using MIDI and USB. It worked on the first test. This is the track I laid down in Garage band. One take, and I was not really focusing on playing as I was working on making sure that technically everything . . . → Read More: Edirol UA-25EX

Summer Storm

In the summer the big storms form in the north east and roll down into town.

Tillman Park – Sydenham

I decided to do some exploring in the local area and found Tillman Park. It is a nice park wedged between two railway lines, the main south line and the goods line that heads into the airport. There are some council facilities, a toilet and community centre. A small dogs grave is set up near . . . → Read More: Tillman Park – Sydenham


When I was younger I used to play a game called Paranoia. Unfortunately paranoid behaviour has become an endemic in Australia. For instance, the mere act of taking a photo of children in a school is now deemed an evil act. However, when in China we were welcomed with open arms. In Korea, the children . . . → Read More: Padanoia

400 george street

I have started working with Telstra at 400 George street one day a week. Normally I’ll be there on Fridays.


Does it not seem that people say they dislike people because of their personal preferences are prejudicial? I often see this when I see comments about not liking people because of their profiles on the net, especially in conjunction with the work place.



In the years after WWII many on the side of Labour wanted to nationalise the banks. People fought long and hard against this. After all it is socialism or communism creeping in.I wonder if they see the irony in the British Governments nationalising banks to save themselves from themselves and their . . . → Read More: Nationalisation

Rooty Hill

Back when I first came to Sydney, some 10 years ago, people would talk about Rooty Hill. They would ask if I would live there. At the time I thought they were talking about some Christian religions as I knew the north east was the home to groups like Hill Song and the Latter Day . . . → Read More: Rooty Hill

A weekend at Wangi Wangi

I had been invited a long time ago up to Lake Macquarie for the weekend. So I took up the offer of a visit. They day started out with drama. My mobile phone, which has been playing up for as long as I had it, gave up the ghost. It looked like the SIM card . . . → Read More: A weekend at Wangi Wangi

Centenary SPB Photo Meet

Well, I was not there for the first one, but I was there for the 100’th. Sadly, no all the original crew were there, though some people we had not seen for a while made an appearance. We met at the Colombian on Oxford Street then dinner at Mad Mex. I quite like max mex, . . . → Read More: Centenary SPB Photo Meet