China: New legislation enforces quake-resistant buildings

One of my photos was used on a UN web site for earth quake prevention. How cool is that! ☺ is a project of the UNISDR. Our primary purpose is to facilitate an understanding of the subject of disaster risk reduction and the work of professionals in this area by providing current news . . . → Read More: China: New legislation enforces quake-resistant buildings

Gulgong Folk Festival

I sent this as a bug report to Facebook. My work place filter also did not like the site, but still let me in.

Hi, I tried to post the link to a local folk festival here in NSW, and was prevented form doing so because the sight was said to be: reported as abusive . . . → Read More: Gulgong Folk Festival

A walk around Sydenham, Alexandria and Newtown

I did one of James’ photo walks around the inner suburbs of Sydney. It was good as I walked to the start and walked home. Everything was very close.

For the start I walked down from Marrickville to Sydenham station. This is the station I use to get into the city.

Wikipedia: Sydenham developed after . . . → Read More: A walk around Sydenham, Alexandria and Newtown

tourist, terrorist, paedophile

A man posted this as a comment on my photo.

Asian taking photographs = tourist Arabic taking photographs = terrorist Anglo taking photographs = paedophile.



Listen to what is going on in the background conversations…

people using the internet to make wild statements

A man recently, who failed to identify himself, left the message below on one of my Flickr photos. Of course I immediately banned him from my stream. I have encrypted the accused’s name as I want no part of this. Though if I could identify the one who left the comment I would. I expect . . . → Read More: people using the internet to make wild statements



a man says “even my wife doe not like to see me naked”. I think that this is very sad. Maybe he needs a marriage councillor.

Love and Justice

well, My mother is in this one.

Privacy in an Information Abundant World

A image of the word trust as used in a web blog under the CC licence.

one hitler

this happened last night.

A man stands in a group of people. I look down from above. He says in a pained voice, It only takes one Hitler! The group of people pounce. He is dragged away, protesting that he is correct.

Küss die Hand Herr Kerkermeister