On the cultural revolution


This will not be a detailed or complex history of the cultural revolution. But it is a somewhat personal view point of these events and the odd random things I have learned along the way, from the media and from being in China.

Before I first went to China . . . → Read More: On the cultural revolution

Juniper training

I spent three days in North Sydney at the Juniper Office doing training on Juniper Routers. It has severely impacted my very poor knowledge of Cisco commands as Juniper has a much better and very similar command structure.

And I bumped into Stilgherrian, met Kate for the first time and then Pong over lunch . . . → Read More: Juniper training

throwing stones

NSW has a problem with people throwing stones which does not exist in other state. What is wrong with these people? The problem is so great that the state government thinks that it is necessary to put up fences over the freeways. I am not sure how this helps as a stone thrower . . . → Read More: throwing stones

Yass Junction

The next day I drove back to Sydney. I started earlier than I would normally as Jeremy and Elisse work morning shift. So I arrived at Yass a few hours earlier than I expected. Cathy was still at lunch. It turned out when I did meet her that Ingo and the kids were . . . → Read More: Yass Junction

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

A creative commons use of the Chinese girl with an umbrella.

. . . → Read More: Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Australia Day 2009 – a day for catching up with people

Australia day was also a day of meeting people and eating. I met up with Rodney in the morning for Breakfast on Brunswick Street in Carlton. I was a little early as I had misjudged the time to drive to Fitzroy from Werribee. So I took a few pics.

In the afternoon I . . . → Read More: Australia Day 2009 – a day for catching up with people

A day with the family

The 25th was the day for visiting the family. There had been some infighting, but in the end more people met each other that would otherwise have happened.

At the start of the day, I had bacon and home grown eggs with Jeremy and Elise.

Then I picked up Alicia in Gisborne and . . . → Read More: A day with the family


Well I spent one day at Arcanacon. I had last visited in 2006. This year I played three sessions, but did not take many photos. As usual the place was efficiently run.

The first game was based on Ghost Busters. It would have been good if I had watched the movies again in recent memory. . . . → Read More: Arcanacon

An american view of Australian Road signs

sign in China

I picked up an American Hitch-hiker yesterday. He disliked the signs by Australian roads that provide advice like, micro sleeps kill. Do people just drop dead on the spot from micro sleeps? It’s insidious, he said. What will then happen? Will they put up a sign like “We know . . . → Read More: An american view of Australian Road signs

driving to Melbourne

I drove down to Melbourne for the long weekend and stayed at my brother’s place in Werribee. I spent the day eating. First was a cheesy toasty for brunch…

Then a chicken burger in Holbrook for Lunch.

and then dinner at Baffetti a Ristorante éBar at 106 Watton Street Werribee. A surprisingly good . . . → Read More: driving to Melbourne