When I was last down in Melbourne, I was given half a dozen succulents with some instructions that some needed repotting soon. With all the rain, one of them has taken off, doubling in size over a week or two. So I repotted the two bigger ones. I need to get some dirt to repot . . . → Read More: Succulents

Dinner in Eastwood

My father and step-mother came up to Sydney as Stephanie wanted to see some old school friends visiting Sydney from the USA. So we met up with my uncle and his wife and had dinner in Eastwood. The restaurant was good, while not great for the price they charged.

. . . → Read More: Dinner in Eastwood

Cisco QOS training

I did my first ever Cisco training, a five day course squeezed into three on Cisco QOS. This was not enough time. Sadly Matthew thinks that all courses are given too much time and thinks you can do the work of 5 days in 3. It needed at least 4 days. But I learned a . . . → Read More: Cisco QOS training

law makers

It seems that the world is full of stupid law makers who should have sense to make balanced and sensible laws that target the bad people and not the good. Also police who spend their time chasing the wrong targets.

According to these recent interpretations of the law, a curious teenage girl who embarks on . . . → Read More: law makers

First ride on my bike since 2000

Well, the bike has been sitting in the underground garage for 12 months in this place. Looking sad with it’s flat tyres. I decided last December that I should start riding into George street but needed to get the bike going. Also, I have decided not to get a new lease car, so at the . . . → Read More: First ride on my bike since 2000

N95 bluetooth troubles

For the last month or more, the N95 has refused to send bluetooth files to the mac. it will synch. the mac can browse it all using blue tooth. But send a file from the phone and the connection failed. A quick look on the internet discovered the problem. Probably with one of the last . . . → Read More: N95 bluetooth troubles

strange email differences.

When I send emails from my mobile phone they all work normally except for one set. The first one here is from a normal email.

From: sydDate: 14 February 2009 12:24:04 PMTo: mail@yewenyi.netReply-To: via; Fri, 13 Feb 2009 17:24:14 -0800X-Yahoofilteredbulk: []Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig)Received: from (EHLO . . . → Read More: strange email differences.

Greed and Fear, file sharing and drugs

A little rambling philosophy about this case: Pirate Bay joy at charge change

Pirate Bay co-founder Frederik Neik said it showed prosecutors had misunderstood the technology.

The music industry played down the changes as “simplifying the charges”.

In our society we let people do things but stop others. For instance you are free . . . → Read More: Greed and Fear, file sharing and drugs

elvis festival – gospel slide show

This is a slide show of all of the Parkes Elvis festival 20009, but the sound track is from the gospel service. Mostly the sound is ok, but for one song there is a lot of distortion. The photos are from my collection on flickr. I did the slide show on full auto and some . . . → Read More: elvis festival – gospel slide show

god speed

I was watching a shuttle launch live a month or two back. One of the controllers said, god speed. I wondered how fast god speed might be: 888 kmh perhaps? (I was really really tempted to say 666 kmh) The boorish Americans on line did not get the joke. Really there is no place for . . . → Read More: god speed