crowd control and terrorists

Seems that their fancy crowd control system for when there is a terrorist attack had the minor problem of being reliant on the electricity grid. So any terrorist who blew up the power supply would have disabled it.

I expect that these units will end up looking like those coastal forts to keep out . . . → Read More: crowd control and terrorists

A fire in St Peters



For the second time this year, a factory burned down. I suspect that this is a sign of the economic situation. Again the way I found out about the fire is that I looked out my window and saw the smoke. Because this one was farther away and I . . . → Read More: A fire in St Peters

the last trip in the Prius

Well, the time had nearly come for the lease to end. So Keat and I headed off to Kanarga Walls for the day. We drove down a good road from Oberon to find a large number of cars and people at the lookout.

Unfortunately the view was somewhat obscured by the smoke from about . . . → Read More: the last trip in the Prius

very cool useage of a tilt shift lens

Bathtub III from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

competitive advantage

I think it is interesting to read,with all these arguments against changing the rules, such as the carbon tax, becuase they will make our industry uncompetitve comapered to others that the same arguments were put forward by those who wanted to stop the laws preventing slavery over 100 years ago. They argued that a nation . . . → Read More: competitive advantage

not a pub

This dream happened this morning:


I walk into what I think is a pub. But it does not look like a pub. There are no beer taps, there is no alcohol. The building is a long thin one, quite old. There are racks and ovens, it looks like a bakery. There is a . . . → Read More: not a pub

disliking the french

Previously I blogged on disliking the Japanese and Lebanese. Well now it seems to be the turn of the French. It has been going along at least since the second gulf was when the French were sensible enough to stay out of it.

On the TV news reports of the European response to . . . → Read More: disliking the french

killing terrorists in their sleep


people in the western suburbs of Sydney (say around 2003-2004) who think that, in a game we were playing, where we were the americans, decided that it was ok to burst into a building and kill people in their sleep on the grounds that they were probably muslim terrorists. I find the whole . . . → Read More: killing terrorists in their sleep

grab your fork

congrats to helen who was on the ABC’s Food at Eleven show.

grab your fork

congrats to helen who was on the ABC’s Food at Eleven show.