coded key

This dream happened a few nights ago. Maybe Monday.

I am in a place. Things are mostly a greyish camel colour. I am going to travel somewhere a long way away. I go to a place and get a key. It looks like my garage door opener from Westmead, but it has a LCD screen . . . → Read More: coded key

new ideas

Eddi 07

in writing

There are many people here who seem to believe, if something is written down, it must be true. This means that the internet causes them much discomfort. I think this is crazy speak. If you think that you’ll end up thinking the world is flat or that the sun spins around the earth.

. . . → Read More: in writing

A problem with the order

With great excitement, and for the second time, I went in to pick up the GT3. I was a bit worried the workshop may be closed. I spoke with the woman at the counter and she arranged to go down to get the trike. They brought it up from the workshop, two floors down in . . . → Read More: A problem with the order


Well I have started looking at insurance. It seems that recumbent trikes are a lower theft risk, I guess because there are so few and they are so unusual. There seem to be three options:

Adding the bike to my home insurance. I need to check the terms, conditions and price on this . . . → Read More: Insurance

cycling on the plains

The dream occurred a few nights ago. It was a part of a larger dream about being in Spain, but I can only remember enough details for this part, which occurred at the end.


I am sanding in a dark, golden farmland, the rolling hills as far as the eye can see are . . . → Read More: cycling on the plains

lest we forget

While it is important to remember the lessons of war, there are many others who have fought in Australia’s past for their way of life and what they believed in that also need to be remember.

Lest we forget the aborigines who sometimes fought the white invaders who came and took their land, and sometimes . . . → Read More: lest we forget


anzac day

Well I feel a bit foolish and annoyed. Foolish because I got caught out by the public holiday on a Saturday, rather than the following Monday. The bike shop was closed. And Annoyed because I told the man in the bike shop yesterday that I would go there today, and he did . . . → Read More: Foolish

A decision to purchase

It has taken me a long time to purchase a GT3 trike. I have been looking at them for the last couple of years and decided over 18 months ago that I should buy one. But other things got in the way. I had a photography hobby and was buying camera equipment to have a . . . → Read More: A decision to purchase

Xiao Han’s going away


We had a surprise party organised by V as part of the SPB for Xiao Han’s going away to England and the USA. So many of my friends have headed overseas in the last 12 months. 🙁 We originally started at the posh Argyle Hotel in the rocks, but they were . . . → Read More: Xiao Han’s going away