The Sydney Psychology Meetup

In the evening I headed off to The Sydney Psychology Meetup which is: “Casual discussions surrounding major psychology topics from a social and scientific approach – let’s get as much fact as we can everyone!” I had not been to the crown hotel before. It is an older style pub with plush wood . . . → Read More: The Sydney Psychology Meetup

Lunch in Parramatta

Fish nets

I had lunch in Parramatta today in a Thai place on church street. I have not been there since I moved. This was not deliberate. It was just that I was busy doing other things. Karyn had a friend who was having a birthday lunch there. I was happy to . . . → Read More: Lunch in Parramatta

a rattle from the right wheel

right wheel axel and brakes

Last week there was a sound that sounded particularly like a broken bearing coming from the right wheel. It was very quiet, so I did not worry too much and continued home. At home, I pulled off the right front wheel. I had the week before fixed . . . → Read More: a rattle from the right wheel

gt3 at the end of week 2

first flat

I got off to a slow start. It rained most of the first week and as the machine was new, and the old bike needs fixing, I caught the bus and train to get to work for three of the five days. The first week was notable as I got . . . → Read More: gt3 at the end of week 2

Lucky to be alive

chainring transit authority


I was reminded of the sign on a bus and the hostile discussion it generated. One of my friends who rides a bike had a near miss when a woman opened a door on a taxi and knocked him off his bike.

. . . → Read More: Lucky to be alive

Lots of bits at once

Well, I had ordered some parts on Monday from Greenspeed, Arkel RT-40 panniers for touring, a head rest and Sigma BC-800 computer with mounting kit. Then I missed shopping on Wednesday because of the rain, so I headed down to Woolys Wheels today and picked up a new helmet, a bell and a . . . → Read More: Lots of bits at once

Legally defining language

I remember my Australian friends gleefully telling me how English is better than say German, because in German you need a act in parliament to change the spelling. But it seems that English is not as flexible as they would want to believe.

After all, same-sex couples still have all the rights included in the . . . → Read More: Legally defining language

bike helmets


I am looking at buying a new helmet. My current one dates back to 1992. I want one with a visor (because of my sitting position and glasses) so it seems I need to get a full mountain bike helmet. The only one of these I have tried so far barely . . . → Read More: bike helmets

Seeing sideways

new mirrors

On Sunday I visited the Stanmore bike shop on Parramatta Road and purchased a pair of mirrors. The mirrors are not for seeing behind, they are for seeing sideways. Two drawbacks of the trike make for poor visibility when coming out of side streets or off the footpath when there . . . → Read More: Seeing sideways

Bending the steering

speed hump

Reading the blogs and making posts to various groups I learned that the clearance on the gt3 is not really a problem except on 4wd tracks. It also won’t go places a mountain bike would go. I also learned that it was not a problem with any type of speed . . . → Read More: Bending the steering