gt3 update


A few things:

I had to break heavily coming down a hill at speed. The back felt like it started to slide out. At first I was surprised. It did not make a sliding noise. the only guess i have come up with is that I lifted the rear wheel off the ground. . . . → Read More: gt3 update

PMA, Storms, stiff links and ignorance

I started the day heading into town on the GT3. I have been having trouble with the gears sometimes. I took it in to the Clarence Street Cyclery and then headed off to do some shopping and get lunch. The gears had a clunking noise when I was in the top gear. I . . . → Read More: PMA, Storms, stiff links and ignorance

Saturday Slowies





Well, for the first time in a few weeks I went on the Saturday Slowies. I have been suffering from a cold the last few weeks. The weather was lightly overcast. The start in the dark. The pace, fast. I don’t know, sometimes, the pace . . . → Read More: Saturday Slowies

A warning to people from Perth when visiting Sydney

There are at least some people in Sydney HATE WESTIES. If you state that you are proud to be a westie, they will think that you are a stupid person who likes throwing bottles at cars. They will not take the sensible way out and think, oh, look there is a flaw in my belief, . . . → Read More: A warning to people from Perth when visiting Sydney

Critical Mass


Well I went on a Critical Mass ride. There were up to 30 people at one stage. I got there early rather than hand around at work. After a bit of debate we headed up around the Domain and then back up George Street, City Road, King Street and Enmore Road. . . . → Read More: Critical Mass

A new roundabout


They have been working on the gutters for some time, but I did not realise their real purpose. Then they appeared in the morning to do some more road works. Later, in the evening on my way home, the roundabout had appeared. This photo was taken the next morning.

. . . → Read More: A new roundabout

sprinklers in moore park


Well, I had to go the long way around to avoid getting wet. I have never seen the sprinklers before and the ground is waterlogged. So I guess they were testing the system. A man was there sitting on one of the hills with a notepad (of the paper variety) watching . . . → Read More: sprinklers in moore park

crucifix in moore park


As I cycle home through Moore Park, usually the mounds are covered in school bags from the local school children as they do thier sports practice in the playing fields. But tonight there was something unusual. A cross. Luckily, no one was attached to it, being crucified. Maybe that was happening . . . → Read More: crucifix in moore park

The Red Balloon Photography Exhibition by Billy Law



I went around to the The Red Balloon Photography Exhibition by Billy Law. The weather finally cleared a bit and I rode the GT3 out there. On the way I passed they magical, mystical 355 bus. When I got to the exhibition, the gallery was locked? I checked my . . . → Read More: The Red Balloon Photography Exhibition by Billy Law

An overreaction?

Here are some new laws in Victoria. I wonder what the fine would be for a motorist who did the same thing? I had a school friend who was on bicycle by a car and squashed between the car and a parked truck. He spent 6 months in hospital. No one cried out that he . . . → Read More: An overreaction?