the fist

Riding down Frampton lane I was saddened to see that someone had dumped a load of garbage there. So I stopped to take some photos. Just as I was leaving a car came along the lane. There have been many cards on the lane recently. Since school went back this . . . → Read More: garbage

adjusting the chain wheel

chain wheel

On the bents and folders ride, I got a sore knee. One of the other bent riders, who I road back along the Cooks River Cycleway with, suggested that my pedals were too far away. So I thought I should adjust them. When I rode to work this morning, my . . . → Read More: adjusting the chain wheel

Bents and Folders Ride

the narrows

Bicycle Shrine

Today I went on the Bents and Folders Ride with Bike North. They met at Meadowbank wharf, which was quite a ride. I could have ridden it in 16 km on roads, but I chose to use the Cooks River Bike Track to get there in 23 . . . → Read More: Bents and Folders Ride

a dangerous bit of road

three way

This is the most dangerous bit of road I ride on. It is a minor through road, so there is a modicum of traffic. But it has been modified becuase of the railway line. It changes width in unexpected ways, it is sometimes one way and two way. Where it . . . → Read More: a dangerous bit of road


XYT 764

I was riding behind this ute as it went slower than I would down the hill. I think it has insulation foam in the plastic bags. Some was leaking out and I was riding in this dust of possibly carcinogenic insulating material. Quite a horrible experience!

. . . → Read More: Horrible

Korean War Memorial



Ever since I started riding to work, I have had to detour around a construction site. They were building a Korean War Memorial. I first saw that they were going to do this at the no-to-pope rally. This afternoon the barriers were down and we got to see the . . . → Read More: Korean War Memorial

So Long Cathy by Pong

I went down to the gallery where Pong is one of those displaying some art. As usual, his work is a video one. So you should pop down there and have a look.

So Long Cathy from ApostrophePong on Vimeo.

Dislocation 09 Exhibition Kudos Gallery, 9 Napier Street, Paddington Opens: 5-7.30pm Tuesday . . . → Read More: So Long Cathy by Pong


a place to cross

I nearly ran over a J-walking pedestrian today. He came out between the parked cars where it was illegal to do so, not watching where he was going. Luckily he turned around in time and was shocked. I is not surprising 100’s die each year by getting themselves . . . → Read More: pedestrians

Toward a New Future of “Whatever”

the original post…

This is perhaps not the best one of these, but it is still very good.

graffiti in Paddington

there is a wall that seems to do commission graffiti outside our work. Normally things appear completed, but this one took three weeks so you can see the progression to the completed work.

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