folding and boxing

unfolded, no seat


Well, on Tuesday I take the trike to Silverwater to put on a truck to go to Queensland to start the Cycle Queensland Tour. So I had to check that I can fold it. It took about 4 attempts with going back up stairs to 1st time) . . . → Read More: folding and boxing

Off to Lane Cove River National Park

coat hanger or cage?

My plan for Kurnell had gone swimmingly. Over 100km for the first time every on the trike. So this ride was to head north, over the harbour bridge and up to lane cove river. My first ride on the trike into the lower north shore.


. . . → Read More: Off to Lane Cove River National Park

Fiendish winds



I had decided to go to Kurnell today as part of my training for Cycle Queensland 2009. But I sill did the Saturday Morning Slowies ride with the DHBC. But unlike last week, where I pushed myself to 4 laps for the first time, I did only 1 1/2 . . . → Read More: Fiendish winds

Russian Coachman

Russian Coachman

Some people here in Sydney think the Russian Coachman is the home of the Russian Mafia in Sydney. I have never been inside. But maybe I should. I am curious as to what the Mafia look like. Who they might be. How do you tell? I mean, do they wear . . . → Read More: Russian Coachman

flat tyre

This dream occurred a few times over a period of about a week.

I look down at the back of my bike. I have another flat tyre. They keep on happening. Being a dream they kind of fix themselves. But they still occur even though I have my toughened tyres.

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Paddington Grind

Salmon and Poached Eggs

Well I used to have breakfast in Paddington a fair bit, but after I purchased the house I needed to cut back on my expenditure and also I needed to loose some weight. But now I am riding. I had to be in at work at 7:30 AM . . . → Read More: Paddington Grind

Failed States Index


The list of countries I have visited according to the Failed States Index. The list ends with Norway at 177. I have not visited Norway. I always thought there were over 180 countries, so maybe some are missing. Taiwan is the only country not on the list that I have visited. . . . → Read More: Failed States Index

Mary Mackillop

Now, I don’t doubt that Mary was a good person. But I do not believe in miracles. Particularly ones that involve faith healing of serious disease. It is good to have belief that you will get better, and there is without a doubt a placebo effect and a need for motivation to get . . . → Read More: Mary Mackillop

2 weeks to go

Mary Macillop Park

Well the training thing from BQ says I should be doing 2 days in a row of 80km. I did 33 km yesterday, but pushed it quite hard and whimped out on doing more for the day. Today I did nearly 80 km. According to the speedo I did . . . → Read More: 2 weeks to go

Thai Paragon

Masaman Curry


The other day when grabbing some takeaway I saw that the Thai Paragon, conveniently located outside my front door, had a good value lunch special. So I hopped over there to get a somewhat late lunch at after 2:30 PM. The lunch specials start at $9.80. I had . . . → Read More: Thai Paragon