long haired freaky people who ride bikes

There has been a few new paste ups in Marrickville modifying the local signs.


more stupid mobile phone laws


I think there people should be sent to see if they have any brains at all. I mean, why stop people from using a mobile phone as a GPS, but not from using a GPS or a Map? I have seen many taxi drivers using maps, of the printed kind, sitting . . . → Read More: more stupid mobile phone laws

Spring Cycle


Marrickville festival

I went on Spring Cycle 2009. I had been thinking about going for some time, and was talked into it by my fellow riders. I headed up to the first meeting place, Macca’s Cycle Shop and quickly discovered that I had forgotten something. The Marrickville Road festival closes . . . → Read More: Spring Cycle 2009

Unicycle Hockey

At the end of the Spring Cycle ride, Jimmy rode in the demo game of Unicycle Hockey. It is ice hockey but with Unicycles. I do not know how similar the rules are. But it was very entertaining to watch. It seems to be a game completely devoid of umpires or referees.

. . . → Read More: Unicycle Hockey

Second Dust Storm

looking west

towards the city

We had a second dust storm this morning. This time the dust is white. It is also dustier. It was barely noticeable, apart from the visual impact, when out side last time. But even after only a few minutes outside today my eyes were gritty. I . . . → Read More: Second Dust Storm




Well, I had never heard of .est before. I did not know where it is. And it was not where I was told it should be. But In the end, with patient assistance from Yacinta over the phone, I found it. .est is short for Establishment and it is . . . → Read More: est.

Dust Storm

looking south

Looking towards the city


Well I lay there in bed at the time I should have been getting up. The light coming into my room was a bright orange. I thought how unusual. But did not stir. Then when I got up I looked out the lounge . . . → Read More: Dust Storm

Budgie Smugglers



This morning on the Saturday Morning Slowies ride we were in for a bit of a surprise. I had not been following the DHBC forums, but it seems two riders who are in training for the half iron man race on the gold coast needed to do some training . . . → Read More: Budgie Smugglers

CQ09 Ride #10 the ride home

unpacking the trike

I headed out to Silverwater by train, first Marrickville to Lidcomb, then Lidcomb to Auburn, then the walk to Silverwater. It was farther than I remembered before I realised that the walk back was more up hill and the walk on the first day, being in the other direction, . . . → Read More: CQ09 Ride #10 the ride home


A cycling video taken in Sydney and first seen by me thanks to Sydney Body Art Ride.

Sydney Fixed Gear “BowieKat” from Nathan Root on Vimeo.

Woman: you’ve had a year to fix it and all you have done is make it worse!

. . . → Read More: bowiecat