Apparently some stupid noggin thought that this statue of a boy should be wearing speedo’s, but the offending clothing has been removed. Yay!

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2009-10-31 Links

Links for this week on Computers, Culture, Cycling, Photography and Telecommunications.

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Ride to work video

I have been thinking for some time about mods to make to the trike. The first mod was to mount my old Nokia N95 on the front of the trike. I purchased some foamy plastic sheet and a eyelet tool from an arts shop in Newtown and made a cover. I purchased some . . . → Read More: Ride to work video

the camera was not dead


I put the battery in the camera a few weeks ago and nothing happened. No power nothing. After some asking around I replaced the back up battery, still no luck. I had misplaced my second battery when packing for Cycle Queensland. After some hunting, I found the place where I had . . . → Read More: the camera was not dead

Touring on a greenspeed tandem in Africa

A very good little video.

This weird post turned up on a couple of places. There is another one on another site that I will get when I get around to it…

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Brenda and Paul of MASSBUG both did a great job at organising the 350 orienteering rally and I hope they do some more. This is part of the 350 day of action to get the leaders of the world to set a long term CO2 target of 350 ppm. . . . → Read More: 350 POINTS ORIENTEERING RALLY SLOWDOWN

shopping around for religion

Church at Lerum, by philblackburn

If you apply some free market theory to religion, then, if you are after a religious experience you should shop around to find the one that suits what you want out of life. So if you are gay, perhaps the better thing to do is find a . . . → Read More: shopping around for religion

Shodo: The Art of Japanese Calligraphy

Sakura Matsuri Trip

web page

Another of my images used on a web site. This time a page about Calligraphy.

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Animioto iPhone playing


While at the Marrickville Road Cafe this morning I downloaded and played with the animoto video application. Here are the two results. I also tried the new special omelette dish.

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