Cities, cultures and developments


This image was used in an article on Cities, Cutlures and Develpments by Australian Policy Online. The report itself is a hefty 189 pages.

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Links 2009-11-29

Climate Not that I ever really wanted to go there, but it seems that the chances of going the north pole and standing on ice are going down. . . . → Read More: Links 2009-11-29

Kate and Wing's Wedding Reception

by jamimages

Kate and wing went to the USA, to Las Vegas to get married in an Elvis style wedding. Now that they have returned they had a wedding reception in Mt Colah.

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Impact of the trike

at the boss' kebab shop

Well the trike continues to generate responses. People react in strange ways to the new and unusual.

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Cyber War on Patch Monday

Stil and Anna

It seems like Stilgherrian has got a proper job! He is doing a podcast on ZDNet called Patch Monday. His first one is on Cyberwar.

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MSG @ Red Chilli

pork ears

Well, the Midweek Supper Group headed off to the Red Chilli which serves Szchuan food. We started off outside, but as the number of people increased we had to get a bigger table and moved inside. It serves what all people in China outside of Szchuan think Szchuan food is . . . → Read More: MSG @ Red Chilli


This dream occurred last night. It has not occurred before.

I am in a large hall. It stretches to infinity, with a roof so high, it cannot be seen. Tall slender closely spaced pillars support the unseen roof. The whole place is new and shiny. It glistens white, gold and silver. It is . . . → Read More: Hall

Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre and Callum Park

I went on a very hot day to the Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre to meet up with the Leichhardt BUG and do a ride of Callum Park. It was one of the hottest days I have had here in Sydney, over 40 Deg And a high humidity. I rode along a route that . . . → Read More: Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre and Callum Park

Links to 2009-11-22

It has been quite a week. I put in several links and then decided that they are boring. So here is what is left.

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BFF Party, Polo and Parking


Quite a day really. I started off by going to the picnic bbq in Alexandria. I had not paid enough attention before and did not take any meat. I think in one place it said to but in the other it did not. Anyway, I got to see some bicycle polo, . . . → Read More: BFF Party, Polo and Parking