This dream occurred in the early hours of the morning. It seemed to be at the end of a longer dream that I did not remember.

There is a pile of small blue cards, that look a lot like SD cards. They have some white writing on them, but I am not close . . . → Read More: Reset

A stop on the way back

Cath and Ingo gave me a lift back to Sydney. We stopped at a cafe where an old ferry used to operate. It has now been replaced by a bridge. I think it was at the Clarence river, but I am not sure. We had nachos. One of the best Nachos I have . . . → Read More: A stop on the way back

Walking to Cape Byron

Last time I was in Byron Bay I decided to go up to the lighthouse for the first time in my life. However, when I got there, the winds were gale force and I did not date venture past the lighthouse to Cape Byron itself. This time I intended to rectify this situation. . . . → Read More: Walking to Cape Byron

At the top of possum shoot

After Mullumbimby, I headed off with Ann and George. We stopped at the top of Possum Shoot. For some reason up here some of the palces are called shoots. So we stayed on Skinners Shoot.

. . . → Read More: At the top of possum shoot

A morning in Mullumbimby

We headed inland to do a rain forest walk that turned out to be all of 300 meter long and consist of many plants about 1 foot high. I think that the walk has some growing to do before it becomes like real rain forest. I also turned down an offer to walk . . . → Read More: A morning in Mullumbimby

Cape Heritage

I stayed with Cathy and Ingo at Cape Heritage at Skinners Shoot. When arranging to get there I was a bit confused. Googling the place came up with two addresses. 6 Skinners Shoot and 217 Skinners Shoot. When I got there it was clear. The place has both the addresses. How odd. It . . . → Read More: Cape Heritage

Swimming at Main Beach in Byron Bay

I did something I rarely do and should do more often. I went down to the beach for a swim. I did not really swim and there were too few waves to body surf, so really I just stood in the water and got cold. But still it was an interesting and novel . . . → Read More: Swimming at Main Beach in Byron Bay

Walking to the Pass

After dinner we went down to the beach and went for a walk to The Pass as the sun set.

. . . → Read More: Walking to the Pass

Lunch at the Balcony

I headed into town with Ingo, Trent, Cathy and Ashley. We split up. I had lunch at the Balcony with Ashley and Cathy. I had the Kangaroo burger, which had a slice of meat like a steak sandwich rather than a meat patty. Ashley had the Harissa rubbed lamb back strap and Cath . . . → Read More: Lunch at the Balcony

Sydney to Byron Bay

After a very short sleep, I walked down to Sydney airport. I was there earlier than I would normally be and found long queues, particularly for the Jetstar luggage check in that I had to use. It was snaking around the airport. They only had two people on the counters at the start, . . . → Read More: Sydney to Byron Bay