Pinging the pacific from Malaysia

Here is the path followed from Kuala Lumpur to the Federates States of Micronesia: it goes: KL, Singapore, Osaka, San Francisco, Hawaii and then satellite to Micronesia.

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Motorcycles and Cake

Well these are not really related topic. About the only thing that relates them is that I took the two photos on the same day. I am guessing that Tukar tiub has something to do with scooter repair shops. And they were advertising on this traffic contol box. It was near the rear door of . . . → Read More: Motorcycles and Cake


I took this photo of a reflection of the twin towers from my room. It looks startlingly like a tall thin version of the towers I took at Prambanan, in central Java, many years before.

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Lamb Rogan Josh

I headed off from my hotel into the more upmarket part of the town. I had travelled through here, but only seen things from the monorail. I decided to have Indian as 1) it was there, 2) I needed a bit of variety and I though it might be good. But in the end I . . . → Read More: Lamb Rogan Josh

Visiting Petronas Towers

REACH has an office in Petronas Towers. I had to do a phone conference call. But I found that my work mobile did now work while in Malaysia. Rather than use my own mobile and because the APRICOT conference was in the same complex as Petronas Towers, I headed over to the office. . . . → Read More: Visiting Petronas Towers

Are cars safer in Sydney?

I have been incessantly told how dangerous it is to ride a bike in Sydney, but then, while here in Kuala Lumpur, I see the front page of the New Straits Times that a Malaysian man was murdered while driving in Sydney. I’d think that it is also very dangerous to be in . . . → Read More: Are cars safer in Sydney?

Moving Hotels

Well, the time had come to move from the Tune Hotel to the Equatorial Hotel. The Tune Hotel was a modern new hotel, the Equatorial a hotel built in the 1970’s with a much higher level of comfort, but showing it’s age. To do this I walked along Jalan Sultan Ismail. I am . . . → Read More: Moving Hotels

Tune Hotel

Some people seem a bit surprised that I would stay in a place like the Tune Hotel. But I have moved up market. Now that I have the camera and computer and stuff, I have moved on from the old backpackers and youth hostels. Though I miss those places very much. I really . . . → Read More: Tune Hotel

Afternoon rain

After a nap and some surfing of the web, I headed out again. The afternoon rain had set in. It was very light, but wet enough to make me want to keep my camera in the bag to keep it dry. I headed across the road and found a large shopping centre. The . . . → Read More: Afternoon rain

Wandering the old town

On my first full day in KL since 1967, I headed out by foot. I chose to wear my runners, but initially I saw some westerners and then many other people wearing thongs, so on all my later walks I wore thongs. As is always, people who give advice move way too far . . . → Read More: Wandering the old town