Some things on cycling accidents

As reported by Clover Moore, from the RTA to the State Government:

According to the RTA’s most up to date data, between 2004-2008 there were 5,800 crashes involving a pedal cycle, resulting in 61 persons killed and 5,946 injured. Around 95 per cent of these casualties were the pedal cyclist. There are range . . . → Read More: Some things on cycling accidents

Let We Forget

Let we forget that some people who worked in the most secret of places during the war did so for a country during war even though their country though that their homosexual life style was “gross act of indecency” such as Alan Turing and tried to modify their errant behaviour by chemical means.

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Sylvia's Portuguese Restaurant

With the MSG I headed (well walked) up to Sylvia’s Portuguese Restaurant in Petersham. The meal got off to a bit of a chaotic start with hungry people, late people and lost people. But we ordered before everyone was there and in the end it all worked out well. I might have to . . . → Read More: Sylvia’s Portuguese Restaurant

Seven Bridges Ride

I headed off on the seven bridges ride with the Sydney University Bicycle club. Luckily I was early as I went to the wrong place. I had read that the first bridge was the Pyrmont Bridge, and rode there. But the ride actually started in the University. I made it there in the . . . → Read More: Seven Bridges Ride

MSG at the Mado Cafe

Well the Midweek Supper Group did a bonus, supplementary and weekend eating thing and went to the Mado Cafe in Auburn. It was excellent food in a nice place, and for the first time since moving to Sydney over a decade ago I felt I was eating good Middle Eastern food. I used . . . → Read More: MSG at the Mado Cafe

Broken Swinggrip

I was riding around centennial park this morning and the swing grip bar I use broke due to metal fatigue. It was a bit of a shock at the time. Luckily I had hooked up the new light last night. This meant that the power cable from the light caught the unit, otherwise . . . → Read More: Broken Swinggrip


Well, the last week I received lots of little things. This week I received the last of this batch, though it was ordered as the same time as the others and left 1 day later. It was my Magicshine CT-808 bicycle light worth a massive 900 lumens. It has the new mounting style . . . → Read More: Headlight


In my post code there is only one big emitter, though I’d guess all the aeroplane exhaust will contain lots. It is the XPT maintenance depot!

Facility Name Substance Air (kg)[2] Land (kg)[2] Water (kg)[2] Railcorp XPT Maintenance Centre [Sydenham-NSW] Total Volatile Organic Compounds 790 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (B[a]Peq) 2.1 Xylenes (individual or mixed isomers) . . . → Read More: Emissions

SPB and the Blender Gallery

With the first SBP meeting in a long time we went down to the Blender Gallery as one of the SPB meeting peoples had some photos in the meeting and after we had dinner at Arthur’s pizza restaurant. On the way home we walked down Oxford Street into town.

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Light Rail Meeting

I went down to the light rail meeting at the Dulwich Hill high school, prompted by both the DHBC and the Friends of the Greenway.

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