Maps in Malaysia

I used the AGL3080 GPS to record where I went. I had a few problems. A memory error on one day. When this happens I have to wait until I can down load the files before resetting the unit or the files I already have are lost. Also on more than a few . . . → Read More: Maps in Malaysia

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

Got a ticket at train station 1076, currently 1030, visited a museum for 1hr, back, up to 1061 # is heading back to the cemetery # thinks that the uncle at the cemetery was very helpful. # learned a lot more about his Chinese ancestors, visited some graves… # went past the cyberjaya turnoff . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

Little did I know

Little did I realise what would come of this. I had travelled to Melbourne. My mum did not want to pick me up because I was arriving around midnight. I had contacted some people, but it was a big ask, so I tried to concentrate on the ones I knew who would think . . . → Read More: Little did I know

English as a second Language

A long time ago (January 1993), in China, Barbra, who taught English as a second language at RMIT, said that I spoke English like and advanced chinese student who spoke English as a second language.

For a long time this caused me very great difficulty. I mean it raised the question . . . → Read More: English as a second Language

Graves of the grand parents

Well this page will be a work in progress. I have been trying to translate the grave stones for my grandfather and great grand father. This page is to assist with that translation and when it is complete I hope to have the full translation. I have uploaded full size images of the . . . → Read More: Graves of the grand parents

Dinner at the Restaurant Tuck Kee

Well we headed out into the night and I had the delight of having dinner with a smaller selection of my relatives as the others had headed back to their homes in other parts of Malaysia. This place was famous for its roast plate. It has Chinese sausage, two types of roast port . . . → Read More: Dinner at the Restaurant Tuck Kee

Lunch at the Ipoh Royal Golf Course

Well we headed into the golf course. I did not think we would be allowed in. But we were. I had to sign the registry book and they wanted me to sign as I was from overseas. After some photos with pictures of the Royal Family, we headed upstairs and had a small . . . → Read More: Lunch at the Ipoh Royal Golf Course

An Indian Temple

I do not know anything about this temple. It was behind the railway station. While waiting for an hour to get to the front of the ticket queue, I wandered around the station. I found this subway and wandered down there to take some photos. Now that I was down there, I decided . . . → Read More: An Indian Temple

Excelsior Hotel

On my return leg to Ipoh, I stayed at the Excelsior Hotel, it is an older hotel but perfectly functional. In the end, I never ended up eating the free breakfast as I went out for every breakfast to be had. The rooms were quite large. I’d say the service was efficient and . . . → Read More: Excelsior Hotel

Breakfast in the old town

I headed with my cousin Victor and Tan Phaik Har,down to the old town for breakfast. I insisted on a small easy breakfast and that is what we had. It was very good.

. . . → Read More: Breakfast in the old town