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Back to the Nunnery

I tried to go last week to the nunnery. But I did not ride on Monday, and on Wednesday it rained a lot. So I managed to get down there tonight. Like Wednesday, I took the trailer to carry my new rack. I stopped at the Sydney Fine Food Cafe as I do . . . → Read More: Back to the Nunnery

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

@n a new eating place in Marrickville: Yen for Viet # has a home network suffering 21.4% packet loss # @stilgherrian wrt Telstra/nbn deal, well they are journalists! Must need some bloggers. in reply to stilgherrian # has a bit less than 10 days to use the last ride on his blue zone . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

Lunar Eclipse, 2010 July 26

There was a partial eclipse of the moon tonight. I took several images and have here included the images taken on half hour boundaries up to the peak of the eclipse.

. . . → Read More: Lunar Eclipse, 2010 July 26

Evergreen Taoist Church and Yui Ming Temple

Well, I was determined to learn more about my grandfather’s tomb inscriptions. I headed back to the Yui Ming Temple in Retreat Street, Alexandria. But as the woman there said, there are only old men and women here. The man again said that they do not know. Apparently I should have known that . . . → Read More: Evergreen Taoist Church and Yui Ming Temple

Love London Cyclists and Bike Friendly City

Love London’s Cyclists from ibikelondon on Vimeo.

MSG #11 - 山城火鍋王

I headed with the MSG to china town for Shangcheng Hotpot. I did not know what kind of hot pot it would be. I did not see this type of hot pot in China when I was there in 1992, but then again I did not go to hebei. Maybe that’s where you . . . → Read More: MSG #11 – 山城火鍋王

Yen For Viet

When I returned form Malaysia, I found that Le Grand Chef, the only Korean Restaurant in Marrickville had closed. I was saddened by this becuase it had good food and provided variety in the offerings in this suburb. The place was undergoing renovations, but I did not know what the outcome would be. . . . → Read More: Yen For Viet

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

@n helen on the cameron highlands: # @stilgherrian Twitter has warned it may not be able to cope with the huge traffic surge during the World Cup… # @stilgherrian # @n the Prius came fifth, beaten by a fiat in the car you can driver the longest distance: # @n the . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

A bunch of cycling relatied videos

FERDINAND GT3 RS – The World`s slowest Porsche

Amazing stunt riding…on a carbon road bike

Bicycle Rush Hour Utrecht (Netherlands)

Packed Ep3 – David’s cycling adventures

. . . → Read More: A bunch of cycling relatied videos

Home At Last - RuthArt

RuthArt has produced another image based on the Portal in Busan, Korea.

. . . → Read More: Home At Last – RuthArt