Seymour to Sydney

Well we left Seymour and headed up to Sydney. The kids were enjoying their summer holiday. We stopped at the Mokoan Rest area and then MacDonalds in Albury for lunch. Krysta is won over by these places as they have play grounds. Further north we had a short break at HMAS Otway in . . . → Read More: Seymour to Sydney

Video Sundays – 2010 November 28

Mum has been down in Melbourne singing this song again.

Tampering and theft

On Saturday night or Sunday (27/28 Novemeber) morning someone came into the car park. They stole the front wheel off the kiddie trailer which has upset the children very much. They also tried to dismantle the trike. I do not know why. They took off the rear rack, disconnected one gear cable and . . . → Read More: Tampering and theft

Karate and Dinner

In the morning I headed down to Karate for Krysta, before going to the swimming pool. Then we headed back to Seymour for lunch with the family. We stayed the night in Seymour and headed to Sydney the next day.

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A day at the park

Krysta and I caught the bus down to Montrose and spent some time at the park there before getting on another bus and heading back up the hill. The rain held off but it was still quite cold.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-26

is back from the bff # @n Mount Perry to Gin Gin via Boolboonda: # @n Mount Perry to Gin Gin via Boolboonda: #cycleqld2010 # once lived on the upper Murray and always entered houses through the back door # @asphotos australian's don't say yahoo! :-p # @asphotos ok, when I read . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-26

Cough Lollies

I have been sick quite continuously all winter and probably have bought more cough lollies than I would ever have bought in the previous years of my life. What I found quite surprising was the differences in prices.

The cheapest was a supermarket in the blue mountains at $5 for a pack of 4. Second . . . → Read More: Cough Lollies

Bicycle Helmets

Found this on the web today. It is tragic if it is true:

Today I discovered that every bicycle helmet manufactured in the last 5 years is about to become unsellable at the end of this month.

It’s a long story but the short version is this:

All helmets sold in Australia require . . . → Read More: Bicycle Helmets

Bicycle Film Festival Street Fair Valet Parking

I went, as I often do, to help out with the valet parking. This time was at the Street Fair of the Bicycle Film Festival of 2010. The day was wonderful. Though the Bourke Street cycleway still incomplete.

There were stalls…

There was an art wall and chalk…

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-19

@n Monto to Eidsvold Via Abercorn and Ceratodus: # @kcarruthers yep, because the alternative is lots of gas bottles under the house. I lived in a house once with 5, 2 meter longs bottles # sees three men in straw hats # @ABC_miche one password to rule them all… # @desktopimage: Wrong Way: . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-19