Dinner at the Cuckoo

We had dinner at the very touristy Cuckoo Restaurant. Hoa and Nikoletta came to join us. The kids enjoyed it. I thought the smorgasbord left quite a bit to be desired. The show was fun an a ockerish way. The entertainment was very formulaic. The children though it was great and Krysta loved . . . → Read More: Dinner at the Cuckoo

The car after 1 month

In addition to the review of the car after 1 week. Here is some additional information after 1 month.

Radio fixed. Is good, though outside temp is -40 deg and I can’t work put how to download phone book contacts. I need to contact Sutton’s to see if the temperature is meant to be that, . . . → Read More: The car after 1 month

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-28

half way though moving boxes down stairs, dripping with sweat. # learned that periapt was saved in the collins dictionary by it's use in D&D # saw, in a petrol station, a $3 food discount if you bought 1,000 or more litres of fuel # spent the afternoon pondering different decking paints and sealers . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-28

Hoppy’s Demise

Hoppy the guinea pig, previously known as Rock Star, met an untimely end. Andrew was away so we were looking after Dusty the Husky. Dusty was known to be able to open the cage and had previously consumed some chickens broke free of her harness and snuck up to the cage. A quick . . . → Read More: Hoppy’s Demise

Indian By Nature

Kirsten and I had dinner at Indian By Nature, a place in the Mount Dandenong part of Olinda. The food was good, though I thought a bit pricey.

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Driving to Melbourne

My first trailer load of stuff to take to Melbourne. I carefully packed the trailer before remembering that the trailer had a slow leak in one tyre. Luckily the pump reached from the 12V DC outlet in the back of the car and I was able to just pump it up. When I . . . → Read More: Driving to Melbourne

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-21

has never got used to the idea of bread for breakfast # Excelsior Hotel in Ipoh blog post: http://yewenyi.net/wpblog/?p=7530 #ipoh #hotel # @theheartoffood you need a food show, maybe like myth busters… 🙂 # hears a man says, holy holy holy, can't remember what he said after that, he was too surprised by the . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-21

Commenting Thursday – 2011-01-20

Helen over at Grab Your Fork did another food blog post on the meals we ate one day in Penang. It was also the day that I accidental found the Yap temple.

The Bitter melon, okra and chillies stuffed with fish paste is a surprisingly good and simple dish. I am . . . → Read More: Commenting Thursday – 2011-01-20

A Dream of a writhing person

A new dream, never occurred before.

Grey background. A grown woman, skin red and orange wavy pattern. Looks like mud. No hair. No clothes. She is on her hands and knees. Face contorted with pain. No sound.

I reach down to pick her up. I have to be very careful not . . . → Read More: A Dream of a writhing person

Photo Monday – 2010-01-17

The Greens plan to fix planning

And my original image:

. . . → Read More: Photo Monday – 2010-01-17