Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-29

Kirsten called Telstra last night. They said big pond is being maintained over Easter and the internet can't be reconnected until Tuesday. # Request: genetically engineer children to be toilet trained at birth. # The non stop twigs a-falling, the distant drone of tyres on bitumen, the near scrunching of tyres on gravel. # . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-29

Commenting Thursdays: 2011 April 28

My Comment for: Wheat wagon at Narromine railway station, NSW.

I spoke with a man in central Queensland who said that when they came to a steep hill they would unload the carts and take the load up or down a bit at a time. This was especially important on steep . . . → Read More: Commenting Thursdays: 2011 April 28

Returning to Sydney

Not many pictures from today. We just spend a long day driving. We headed out in the morning, leaving Kirsten, Krysta and Teresa. Milla and I. We stopped on the way at Winton Cemetery and planted some flowers at Milla‘s mother’s grave (Elke Leah) and her great grandmother, Charlotte’s grave. Milla chose the . . . → Read More: Returning to Sydney

A day at Kerrisdale

We the day started out with plenty of time, I knew we’d need it, and really I did not allow enough. I was up early enough to see the garbage truck. I hooked up the trailer and took the car down to park in 5 ways as there is not enough space on . . . → Read More: A day at Kerrisdale

The climbing tree

When we first got there, I thought, something is not the same. Then I saw the pole and thought, that is out of place. After a while I wanted to tell the kids to climb the climbing tree. Then I realized what was missing. The big climbing tree. I looked, I saw . . . → Read More: The climbing tree

Bunnies, Eggs, Family and Camping

It was a long and complicated day. I was very lethargic when I started. Kirsten got up at 5 AM to do the eggs and bunny prints. The kids were very excited by the whole arrangement. Krysta was just happy to believe it, though Milla saw through the deception as we had used . . . → Read More: Bunnies, Eggs, Family and Camping

A Quiet Day

We had a quiet day. In the afternoon I took Krysta and Milla down to the park to play. They played first at the park in Kalorama, but really it was designed for larger children, so we then went down to the park in Montrose. Though Krysta was unhappy about that. Kirsten . . . → Read More: A Quiet Day

BBQ At One Tree Hill

For lunch we headed off to One Tree Hill for a BBQ. We were there quite late, but still all (two) the BBQ’s were taken. So we had to wait half an hour. Kirsten took the kids off for a walk. I waited to claim the BBQ and start cooking the food. The . . . → Read More: BBQ At One Tree Hill

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-22

…but the black and poor and homeless, were as good as british slaves, let's never forget the fate they met when Britannia ruled the waves. # Cow judging # is heading over them there mountains # Pineapple fritter heaven in the west end of paramatta # Pineapple fritter heaven in the west end . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-22

One tree hill

One can only but wonder: Which is the one tree?