Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-29

EPRI Calculates Annual Cost of Charging an iPad at $1.36, and a lot less for an iPhone. # @克里木 #vagina the new word of the week. # Newly updated – the words to Australian Pie # Belgrave Lantern Festival tonight. # #siesta Time # @塔里木 you’re a poop head! The height . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-29

Dream Tuesdays – train signals

I am in the drivers compartment of a electric suburban train. We are following behind the train in front. We can see it. There are signals every 10 meters. So there are a lot of signals and being two sections behind we are very close. As we travel along we can see the signals changing.

Belgrave Lantern Festival

For some time I wanted to go to the Belgrave Lantern Festival. It did not exist when I had previously lived up in the Dandenongs. Now that I am living here again I got the opportunity to go. I had originally expected to just go as an onlooker. But one thing led to . . . → Read More: Belgrave Lantern Festival

Apricot and Kaya Jam

My current toast style breakfast, on non working in town days is Sally’s Organic Apricot Jam and Kaya Jam. I am still disappointed that you cannot buy Kaya Jam in Australian supermarkets. Because Kaya is my favourite.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-22

#Synonomous # #大家兔 #小家兔 # Pineapple man, pineapple man, doing the things a pineapple can. They have a fight, pineapple wins. Person man, degraded man. # It will be sad when I have fed all the blackberries to the rabbits. They love them and they are free. # Squeals of delight and the circus . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-22

Drama at Vic Roads

I headed off to Vic Roads in Tally Ho this morning to change my car Rego and Drivers Licence from NSW to Victoria. I arrived a little early and took off the old number plates. I was about 20th in the queue to get in the door at 8:30 for my 8:35 appointment. . . . → Read More: Drama at Vic Roads

Dream Tuesdays – Police bears

This is part of a much wider dream that I cannot now recall. It is the last part.

I am in a dimly lit, smoke filled room. I think the smoke is for special effects. There is a flash of light. There are about eight 44 gallon drums. A pyrotechnic show of white sparkles . . . → Read More: Dream Tuesdays – Police bears

Lennon Bros. Circus

At the Lennon Brothers Circus they annoyingly said that we were it allowed to take photos of the performance because of “copyright reasons”. Of course this is a totally misleading copout. Copyright law does not say you can’t take a poto or video of the performance. It is Lennon Brothers management saying you . . . → Read More: Lennon Bros. Circus

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-15

A collection of old wives tales. # @mpesce our society still drives people to suicide for not fitting in and not confirming to the normal. in reply to mpesce # #theGoodShot # #Nihilism # Given the accents it soundless like we are visiting england. Its cold and wet too for the complete experience. # . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-15

giant hairy golden centipede

Thus dream had quite a preliminary, that I only vaguely recall.

I was with a man, though I am just a ghostly observer. A woman and a man came down to from a near by hotel. Everyone is wearing business suits. The man from hotel passes the first man a pen. He says . . . → Read More: giant hairy golden centipede