Observation Tuesdays – Hurt Feelings

I keep on hurting Teresa’s feelings. She is most pissed off with me. I say horrible, hurtful things like: 1) go to bed; 2) no its not morning, it’s night; 3) get changed; and so on an so forth.

Photo Mondays – Grey Lattice Sky Scraper

A metallic grey skyscraper with it’s lattice work structure on the outside reaches into the grey sky in Seoul, South Korea. You can purchase this image on Getty Images.

twitter 2012-10-19 and 2012-10-25

Ghosts that spy on the world. 07:12:46, 2012-10-19 Totally Goudgeous at the NFF http://t.co/SswU7pRg 08:09:21, 2012-10-19 The 2012 InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards http://t.co/gI2iPAL4 via @infoworld 08:32:05, 2012-10-19 women use emoticons more often than men, but did find men use a wider variety of emoticons. http://t.co/pbjvCzUx 14:30:19, 2012-10-19 #musicOnHold 14:30:30, 2012-10-19 @CJBrogden Apparently it is . . . → Read More: twitter 2012-10-19 and 2012-10-25

Observation Tuesdays – money and the Chinese

The children gave this little ditty which I think rates as a 1 in the Gobels racist ranking score. Somehow Australia still seems to have regressed in its ways.

My fathers Chinese, My mothers Chinese, I’m Chinese, Give me money please.

Photos Mondays – Fret work door with yellow drapes

In the Imperial Palace in Seoul, South Korea, A fret work door with back lit yellow drapes and lucky charms. You can purchase this image on Getty Images.

Dream Tuesdays – a baby boy

I am in a whitish grey space, an unnoticed observer.

A woman has a newly born child. There are many people like her around, quite excited. They chatter their excitement for some time.

The child comes into view. It is a totally stone grey, wrinkly, hairless,skinned, humanoid.

Photo Mondays – Metallic and Glass Skyscraper

Looking up the side of a tall grey metallic and glass sky scraper in Seoul, South Korea at the geometric shapes. You can purchase this image on Getty Images.

Dinner @ Cinta Raya

Kirsten’s sister, Martine, recommended a place to eat down in Scoresby. It took us a while, but eventually we got a time together, without the girls, to go down for a meal. After a bit of wandering around in the wrong place as we had the wrong street number, we found it tucked . . . → Read More: Dinner @ Cinta Raya

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-12

Bugger, I have to get up. # The distant sound of plastic bins rolling on bitumen roads. # A mad dash back out to the car to get my drugs. #wet # 1, 2, 7, 8 # #denials # Mandela taken off US terror list in 2008 http://t.co/zhBo2VW7 # Lilydale – Warburton rail trail: . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-12

Dream Tuesdays – the factory

I think variants of this dream have occurred a few times.

I am in a dirty industrial city. There is a street the runs up along a narrowed valley. On one side is this dirty grey-brown factory complex that is clad in the aluminium sheeting they use on roofs, painted a . . . → Read More: Dream Tuesdays – the factory