Sherbrooke Social

The School Council of Sherbrooke Community School organised a social meeting at the school on a Friday Afternoon. There was a BBQ, a Singer. a raffle with a fantastic array of prizes in which Krysta, who loudly announced that she did not want the salt and pepper shakers proceeded to win them and . . . → Read More: Sherbrooke Social

Other Things Thursdays – Tic Tac Toe

This has been a game Krysta and I have play for most of the year.

Tick Tack Toe Give Me A High Give Me A Low Give me a three in a row

Johnny got hit by a U.F.O. (doing rock sizers paper)

twitter 2012-11-23 and 2012-11-29

#murky 06:27:20, 2012-11-23 Two obelisks fall. 06:45:51, 2012-11-23 Flaked out Turtle 08:09:24, 2012-11-23 RT @regvulture: Sailboat cracks 100 km/h for first time: Anglo/Australian ‘Sailrocket’ blows away speed records with wind turbine te… ht … 12:49:15, 2012-11-23 Sent an email to the YRSC to see in the rumours of them banning construction in land . . . → Read More: twitter 2012-11-23 and 2012-11-29

Texas conservatives want to secede, be more like Russia

I must admit that I too wanted to sign the petition but it was too complicated coming up with a Texan address. Maybe they should be given back to Mexico.

twitter 2012-11-16 and 2012-11-22

#scapegoats04:38:03, 2012-11-16 Attack of the killer munches. Have to get up and eat.

How to Measure Quantum Foam With a Tabletop Experiment (via @TechReview) 22h ‏@yewenyi Seokgulam Grotto 23h ‏@yewenyi On the tourist road this morning, a traffic jam caused by a 4WD in a ditch on up-hill side . . . → Read More: twitter 2012-11-16 and 2012-11-22

Dream Tuesdays – constant wisdom specific

There was quite a lot to this dream. But can only recall a fraction of it.

There is a flat, grey metal clad caravan. In it, we’re you first come in, is a washing machine with an old style, multiple-line green dot matrix LCD display. In the direction of each an door leads. The . . . → Read More: Dream Tuesdays – constant wisdom specific

Nobody Likes A Bogan – Area 7

The other day, when talking to some people some of who do not like bogans, I dug up this song about Bogans. I’d think some of the people I grew up with fall into the general category of Bogam, so I have a soft spot for them.


. . . → Read More: Nobody Likes A Bogan – Area 7

twitter 2012-11-09 and 2012-11-15

When working with reflections, don't forget the transposition. 06:41:03, 2012-11-09 RT @regvulture: Twitter: WHOOPS we've broken ourselves. Sorr-ee!: Twit accidentally pressed wrong button. Twitter has apologised for… ht … 07:16:00, 2012-11-09 @merejames when a long lens would be better. in reply to merejames 07:19:40, 2012-11-09 RT @regvulture: Australia backs down from Internet filter plan: . . . → Read More: twitter 2012-11-09 and 2012-11-15

Observation Tuesdays – FUCK!

The other day one of the kids shouted “don’t use the F-word or I will hit you. We are not like that!” And I was dismayed and had to quietly say that there was nothing wrong with saying fuck.

Which makes one ask: why is this so. Why would people be . . . → Read More: Observation Tuesdays – FUCK!

The Effect of Hurricane Sandy on the Internet