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#overloadedOperators 02:31:00, 2013-01-25 #bumph 06:26:55, 2013-01-25 The Elvis Train and weir 08:11:41, 2013-01-25 @Steve_Hayes @readability not dissimilar to the warped annexation history of Okinawa itself. in reply to Steve_Hayes 19:07:52, 2013-01-25 RT @brisbanecityqld: NEW updated flood maps available. Get info on your area NOW. #thebigwet #bnestorm 21:44:21, 2013-01-27 #hardLiners 02:33:47, 2013-01-28 #26 . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-01-25 and 2013-01-31

Coastal Adventures

We headed down from the mountain. After some last minute negotiating, we ended up with Zac in tow.

We headed down to Luna Park. I have never been interested in places like this, but Krysta in particular loves it. When we got there, there was already a long queue. After Kirsten . . . → Read More: Coastal Adventures

An Australia Day message

My message for Australia Day, courtesy of a great Australian folk band.

When the british came here, It was just another outpost, in an empire crazy world, They dispossessed the black man, And killed him when he argued, Lets never forget, The fate they met, When Britannia ruled the waves.

If you were white . . . → Read More: An Australia Day message

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unsw 08:10:03, 2013-01-18 @BernardKeane @maxphillips outside it may even be raining fish. in reply to BernardKeane 15:41:24, 2013-01-18 A bus just missed. 16:46:45, 2013-01-18 #recruit 07:30:10, 2013-01-19 Hungry, hungry, hungry, so very hungry. 07:52:00, 2013-01-19 Still walking. 08:10:37, 2013-01-19 #singlap 20:23:04, 2013-01-19 #imagine 21:04:59, 2013-01-19 Bead knobs and broomsticks. The Germans raid Dover. . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-01-18 and 2013-01-24

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RT @regvulture: Not Cool, man: Potent new hacking toolkit costs crooks $10k a month: Blackhole gang snap up latest 0-days to build a… ht … 03:55:55, 2013-01-11 RT @regvulture: Ruby on Rails derails 240,000 sites with enormo security hole: Update NOW or give everyone shell access to your app … ht … 04:03:51, 2013-01-11 . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-01-11 and 2013-01-17

Living in a forest

I live on a mountain in a forest. The through the trees there are lights that are from the town down the mountain. I live in the forest because I love it. I am horrified at the idea of tearing down the trees to get a better view of what is beyond the . . . → Read More: Living in a forest

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#blowies 02:17:53, 2013-01-04 @asphotos haven't done a photo album in years. But I guess we could do a slide show. in reply to asphotos 02:19:24, 2013-01-04 RT @metrotrains: Travel alert: Buses will replace trains tomorrow (4th Jan) between Lilydale & Ringwood as we continue with our over … 02:20:25, 2013-01-04 In the morning, I . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-01-04 and 2013-01-10

Teresa’s first text message

Inspired by the messaging exploits of her older sister, Teresa sent her first text message. She loved the messaging system, but found it a bit difficult to use as she had difficulty getting back to the same spot and was driven to tears of frustration a few times.

. . . → Read More: Teresa’s first text message

Dream Tuesday – being nice

I am in a white room. An older Malayasian man sits there. He looks a bit pained. He smiles in his pains way and intimates that he is being nice and helpful. When I sart talking of the troubles in the 1960’s he quickly goes away.

Suddenly I am in a building full of . . . → Read More: Dream Tuesday – being nice

Other things Thursdays – passwords

Passwords would be more secure if they had to contain:

One upper case character One lower case character One Latin character One number One symbol One music note One hanji character One hirigana character One emoji One Tamil character One currency symbol One Thai character One Sanskrit character One hieroglyph symbol One runic character One . . . → Read More: Other things Thursdays – passwords