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RT @sarahvmac: In a blow to Republican and Australian Coalition rhetoric, China announces plan for a carbon tax v … 03:58:01, 2013-02-22 @sarahvmac @grist @pbump these “competition” arguments were used to argue against abolishing slavery. Sometimes you need to do what’s right. in reply to sarahvmac 03:59:46, 2013-02-22 #applepie 04:13:28, 2013-02-22 #scatterbrain 13:47:20, . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-02-22 and 2013-02-28

Observation Tuesdays – Travelling Backwards

A difference between Melbourne and Sydney: on the trains

People in Melbourne are used to sitting facing backwards to to direction of travel and think nothing of it. People in Sydney hate traveling backwards and make a huge fuss about it. It even threatens governments. . . . → Read More: Observation Tuesdays – Travelling Backwards

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The FOB Myki reader has an OOO sign, but the MOB readers still work. #688 #fronOfBus #middleOfBus #outOfOrder 06:36:13, 2013-02-15 RT @regvulture: The official iPhone actually runs Android – in Brazil: Apple left hurting by painful Brazilian procedure. Apple has … ht … 06:38:40, 2013-02-15 @regvulture there was a local pub/strip joint in Adelaide . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-02-15 and 2013-02-21

Observation Tuesdays – Shoes

In Malaysia people often leave their shoes at the front door. I always thought this was because your shoes may be dirty and therefore this prevents bringing the dirt into the house. A bit like old Australian farms that had scrapers and mats at the front door to clean your shows before you . . . → Read More: Observation Tuesdays – Shoes

CS Ile De Rè

Back in 2006 I knew the CS Ile De Rè was in town, though I did not know where. While with the Sydney Photobloggers walk we saw it. I took the opportunity to take some photos. Today one photo turned up on this web site about cable ships.

. . . → Read More: CS Ile De Rè

Lunch @ China Bar

Quite some time ago Kirsten suggested I go to the China Bar to have lunch. But her directions were dodgy and I did not know where it was. Then the other day, at Chinese New Year we walked past it and she pointed it out.

So today, I headed down there . . . → Read More: Lunch @ China Bar

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RT @regvulture: Verwaayen on verwaay out: Alcatel-Lucent big-cheese cheeses it: CEO quits, 4,999 other workers to go. Alcatel-Lucent… ht … 02:28:04, 2013-02-08 Teresa crying, but she can also talk. I’ve heard that kinda crying before from Ashleigh. Now I think I know the reason why. 03:27:10, 2013-02-08 #negative 03:34:00, 2013-02-08 RT @regvulture: Smartphone-in-a-box maker . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-02-08 and 2013-02-14

CNY 2013 – Welcoming the Year of the Snake

We picked up the girls from Andrews and headed into town to Welcome in the Year of the Snake. It was the girls second Chinese New Year and the first in Melbourne itself. In fact it may be my first Chinese New Year in Melbourne itself. We parked in my favourite spot in . . . → Read More: CNY 2013 – Welcoming the Year of the Snake

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The first day of February: Have my hat, wish I had my gloves. 06:26:18, 2013-02-01 Back Lane 08:21:56, 2013-02-01 RT @TopTablePlanner: Tip: If you’re going to sack your social media team, it’s a good idea to change the password first. #hmvxfactorfiri … 08:28:11, 2013-02-01 RT @ABSStats: Now it’s the kids’ turn! CensusAtSchool . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-02-01 and 2013-02-07

Alternate Route on the Day of the Bat

On Tuesday I caught the train to work. At Camberwell we swapped over to the stopping all stations track, which unusual. Normally we use the express track. We were clearly behind the stopping all stations train, but much more interestingly we were running the red lights. I was sitting, as I normally do, . . . → Read More: Alternate Route on the Day of the Bat