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中国的智能手机发展速度太快,超过了上游生产能力和预期发展速度 01:22:22, 2013-03-22 RT @micgadget: Major Chinese Smartphone Makers Face Production Difficulty Due to Components Shortage 01:22:37, 2013-03-22 RT @JayWeatherill: SA recognises Aboriginal peoples in our Constitution. Thank you to everyone who helped get us here. … 01:23:00, 2013-03-22 RT @qikipedia: If all the empty space in our bodies was removed, . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-03-22 and 2013-03-28


The right front main headlight blew a bulb. Apparently this is a bit of a known issue on the diesel version of the i30, which is the one we have.

Interestingly the light overlap of the headlights is so good that we did not notice. It was only when Andrew told . . . → Read More: Headlamps

The Gate

A gate image of mine used in another mash up. The first for quite a while.

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#seagreen #seablue 03:24:27, 2013-03-15 RT @metrotrains: A citybound Belgrave line service has hit a car near Tecoma. Buses are being organised to run between Belgrave & Up … 06:20:49, 2013-03-15 @MonkeyCousin @metrotrains that’s what I was thinking isn’t the first level crossing at upper FTG? in reply to MonkeyCousin 06:22:04, 2013-03-15 A big truck . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-03-15 and 2013-03-21

China Bar

I was out to visit the bank and took the chance to revisit the China Bar again. Tried another lunch special. This time I tried the Kung Bo Chicken and rice for $9.40. The meal came in a nice plate. Again, like the Malaysian place I went to recently, it was this modern . . . → Read More: China Bar

The Whistling Pig

I had suggested we go out and was then ambushed into going to the pig and whistle tavern. The girls really love the place and even played outside in the wet and cold sandpit. We had a simple meal and shared our plates.

Though I was surprised at the incomplete . . . → Read More: The Whistling Pig

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#OHMS 00:45:54, 2013-03-08 RT @regvulture: LinkedIn password hack sueball kicked to the kerb by judge: Leaked hashes not an automatic threat of identity theft.… ht … 00:50:01, 2013-03-08 RT @regvulture: Throttled customers rage over Virgin Mobile UK's tight cap: EE wasn't supposed to choke them. Virgin Mobile UK's exp… ht … 01:18:00, 2013-03-08 …Trojan-infected . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-03-08 and 2013-03-14

W Class

Caught my first W Class tram since returning to Melbourne. They were old a long time ago when I was a kid. While I think they should keep some I wonder why they have not been upgraded with modern motors with modern controllers and air conditioning.

. . . → Read More: W Class

National Rhododendron Gardens

We headed up to Olinda and dropped Kirsten off at her new the Mount Dandenong Studio, where she is running her School of Dance and Music. I then took the kids on a bit of an adventure.

We headed up to the top of the hill and down . . . → Read More: National Rhododendron Gardens

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RT @regvulture: Chinese Army: US hacks us so much, I’m amazed you can read this: PLA, USA finger each other harshly in cyber mud-sli… ht … 05:06:22, 2013-03-01 According to the app the local boiling point for water is 98.46 deg. Does this mean we will save on energy to boil it? 05:43:11, 2013-03-01 . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-03-01 and 2013-03-07