Werribee Park Mansion

After my previous attempt to visit Werribee Park Mansion was cut short by the need to rescue my Nieces from their broken dads car by the side of the Tullamarine freeway, I had long harboured a desire to get back there to finish my visit.

So I hatched a plan to . . . → Read More: Werribee Park Mansion

twitter 2013-04-19 and 2013-04-25

vehicles equipped..ignition interrupter..controlled over internet..deny use..customers..fallen behind..payments http://t.co/fRjOCLM2qI 04:16:59, 2013-04-19 RT @sciam: Texas Explosion Echoes Worst Industrial Accident Ever http://t.co/CG5LRtSIxJ 04:22:12, 2013-04-19 Stuck on the tourist road while they stop the bus while they clear the cars and trucks from the road. #688 07:39:20, 2013-04-19 Bust won't go down Inverness road, too windy and . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-04-19 and 2013-04-25

Magentic North Versus True North

For a long time I thought our house pretty much faced north (well within a few degrees). I need to know the angles to get an idea of what to do for the solar design of the house extensions.

But where we live True North and Magnetic North are not the . . . → Read More: Magentic North Versus True North

This Boston Bomber, not the other one

Suddenly my photo if a Boston Bomber (Otherwise known as the Douglas A-20), located in Point Cook, is receiving lots of search engine inspired hits, mostly from bing. Notably google seems to be able to tell the difference, none from google. I guess that this bomber was instrumental in many more deaths, but . . . → Read More: This Boston Bomber, not the other one

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RT @sciam: Read this Zuckerberg: FB Didn’t Become “Cool” By Censoring News of Science Research http://t.co/VhxRVAiJYl 08:08:57, 2013-04-12 Strangely my home computer downloaded something big at .62 mbit/s. I wonder what it was? 08:54:07, 2013-04-12 Saw my first horse drawn coach on the tourist road today, with about 20 motor cars following. 19:11:11, 2013-04-12 . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-04-12 and 2013-04-18

Pan Fried Flat Noodles with Beef and Egg Gravy

I went out onto the street and while out there stopped in at the china bar for lunch. I have just started working my way down the list of foods, being careful to avoid anything with evil prawns in it.

I had the Pan Fried Flat Noodles with Beef and Egg . . . → Read More: Pan Fried Flat Noodles with Beef and Egg Gravy

Shit Malaysian Parents Say

It is strange, but I feel much more comfortable when people speak like this than when they speak in some other English dialect apart from perhaps what my mum would called country NSW Australian English.

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RT @sciam: Scientists Decipher the Healing Powers of Placebos (preview) http://t.co/XyKyq8nJnn 06:05:49, 2013-04-05 RT @vanbadham: What IS going on with Australia’s brain when $250k is “not much” but the dole is “too much”?I suspect “selfish asshole … 13:38:07, 2013-04-05 Sydney -> instant hay fever 00:26:08, 2013-04-06 #angst 05:46:42, 2013-04-06 RT @stilgherrian: 1. Me at . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-04-05 and 2013-04-11

Home Alone

The girls have become afraid to be left alone. I blame a bunch of movies, the home alone series and particularly baby’s day out. They are now afraid some thieves will come and kidnap them and won’t even let us be an a different floor. This is what happens in baby’s day out. . . . → Read More: Home Alone

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#anthropologist 03:36:18, 2013-03-29 RT @regvulture: Sysdamin blog: IT Pro confession: How I helped in the BIGGEST DDoS OF ALL TIME: Oh Trevor, how could you? Like this.… ht … 06:39:16, 2013-03-29 @克里木 – Kids Fattening Company 23:33:46, 2013-03-29 #scaredyCats 06:08:05, 2013-03-30 RT @kcarruthers: RT @ursulastephens: NBN = huge threat to Foxtel monopoly. Murdoch backs . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-03-29 and 2013-04-04