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#mushrooms 04:11:36, 2013-05-24 RT @regvulture: Apple left to swing it out with DoJ

Penguin has agreed to hand over $75m along with costs to sort out US…… 04:14:52, 2013-05-24 RT @anjajhde: No #McDonalds in #Tecoma made it into #CurtinUniversity. Hope you score a great mark for your research, Jason… 04:47:53, 2013-05-24 @anjajhde . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-05-24 and 2013-05-30

Moving and moving

It ended up being a busy weekend for moving others. Teresa’s crèche, the Swinburn Children’s Center was moving from the old Swinburn University Campus (1 Melba Ave, Lilydale) which is closing down to View Street, Croydon and one of Kirstens friends was moving house in Monbulk.

We did a couple of . . . → Read More: Moving and moving

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RT @copenhagenize: All taxis in Denmark are equipped with racks for two bicycles. Truly integrated bicycle culture. … 03:41:49, 2013-05-17 #paranoia 04:29:27, 2013-05-17 It seems that deceased people in 3rd world countries and lotto winnings are not the main source of scams losses. 08:00:08, 2013-05-17 RT @regvulture: #Analysis Who is the mystery . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-05-17 and 2013-05-23

Chamber Music at Burrinja

Zac’s violin teacher was playing in a concert and Kirsten and I went along to Burrinja to watch. Actually I thought Zac was playing. It was only later that I learned that this was incorrect

The show started with a small chamber orchestra. I absolutely loved this early Baroque music. They . . . → Read More: Chamber Music at Burrinja

Mixed lyrics

Last night we watched Horrid Henry. Teresa really liked the version of Frère Jacques. But when the girls sang it in the car: I was at first surprised, then confused and finally amused. For they sang:

Frère Jacques, frère Jacques, Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous? Yī zhī méiyǒu yǎnjīng, Yī zhī méiyǒu wěibā, Zhēn . . . → Read More: Mixed lyrics

Sherbrooke Community School Working Bee

Normally I cannot get to the school working bees because they are on at a time that is unsuitable to working people who have to travel. But I was working from home this day in part because of the Buddha’s Birthday holiday.

As Kirsten had the car, I caught the nice . . . → Read More: Sherbrooke Community School Working Bee

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#consequences 04:07:48, 2013-05-10 Last night we had a visit from a common ring-tailed possum. The first one we have seen in put yard. Normally we have mountain brushies. 06:48:33, 2013-05-10 This morning a mountain bush tailed possum playing at the bus stop. #5ways #688 07:35:18, 2013-05-10 Someone needs to write an app to send . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-05-10 and 2013-05-16

Hor Fun with beef in black bean sauce

I was supposed to be going to the world stamp expo, but a work meeting ran over time and Kirsten needed me to go to the bank. So I dropped into the China Bar for lunch.

This time I had Hor Fun with beef in black bean sauce, which for me . . . → Read More: Hor Fun with beef in black bean sauce

Mothers day picnic

It was all a bit chaotically organised. But we headed out to the Carlton Gardens for a picnic. I had bought some picnic supplies at the supermarket and the girls were ready in record time.

I was surprised that my weekend parking spots were all taken. But turned out to be . . . → Read More: Mothers day picnic

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@克里 & @面臨 have worked out that while their iPodu's don't work when roaming, our iPhones do. They are not happy about this state of affairs. 07:40:54, 2013-05-03 CQ09 Day1 Goombungee 09:05:16, 2013-05-03 Tried the Ham cheese and Tomato Foccacia @ Barista Café – 13:15:47, 2013-05-03 @ewster catch the train from kunming . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-05-03 and 2013-05-09