On Friday the girls hired the disney movie Mulan. It is a typical Disney movie but this time set in china. The first time around I did not see it as I was too sick and chose the go to sleep option. The girls loved it. They wanted to be more Chinese.

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Well it turns out that the logic behind Teresa suddenly deciding to bite members of the family, sometimes quite ferociously is revealed by Teresa’s occasional habit of saying exactly what she is thinking.

There is a theory that the one really good way to get a child to do what you want is to . . . → Read More: Biting

V is for for Voon

The other day, while I was in an appointment, a doctor whom I had not seen before was checking my record on their computer system. He asked me for my middle initial. For starters he only wanted one initial, which is just horribly wrong. But still, I told him it was V for Voon. He . . . → Read More: V is for for Voon

Tweets 2013-06-07 to 2013-06-24


Brian Yap ‏@yewenyi 13 Jun

DT Sassafras Creek

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Brian Yap ‏@yewenyi 13 Jun

On a distant ridge a faint dome of orange light, according to the phone it is cockatoo.

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Brian Yap ‏@yewenyi 13 Jun

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Performance Night

We went to our first performance night for the Sherbrooke Community School as Krysta was in it. There was a bit of disappointment that I did not bring my camera gear, I had ended up gong straight to the venue from work and did not think of it.

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twitter 2013-05-31 and 2013-06-06

The spam filter at AOL thinks that Pamela Anderson is a predictive indicator of SPAM. 02:58:19, 2013-05-31 #aliens no, #worms … Confused … #alienWorms? What happened to the little half sphere, 3 legged spaceships? 03:16:34, 2013-05-31 RT @JonahLupton: Average price for a PC: 1975 = $1225 1980 = $2,623 1985 = $2644 1990 = . . . → Read More: twitter 2013-05-31 and 2013-06-06