Seeking Privacy

Some reasons I have come across as to why people seek to hide behind the veil of privacy.

They are doing something, lets call it skullduggery, that they do not want discovered or uncovered. So they hide behind the veil of privacy. They are drug suppliers and they seek to remain out of the view . . . → Read More: Seeking Privacy

UTC & hostile Americans

Today, Flickr shut down their web site. I think that they quickly realised that most people around the world don’t understand PDT. So they included a time zone conversion link.

So I made a comment as I have done several times before when some American group who should know better (mostly the US Space . . . → Read More: UTC & hostile Americans

The drug lords of Altona

Back around 1980, when I was at FIT, the people in Footscray used to speak of the drug lords of Altona. It was if the suburb was the home of all the leaders of the illegal drug supply networks if western Melbourne. I had pretty much forgotten about this until I went to Altona today . . . → Read More: The drug lords of Altona

Altona Beach and Pier

We went to Altona for a birthday party. With the grandparents we went with the kids down to the beach. At first it was quite warm for a midwinter’s day though later as the cloud came over it was quite cold.

The kids were very good and only went a little into the water . . . → Read More: Altona Beach and Pier

Connect 2013

Telstra had been running a telecommunications convention called Connect 2013. They had an open session when staff members could go down there. So I headed on down. Officially we were allowed in at 11am. I got there like two minutes and had to wait two minutes. Very prompt were they.

It was a . . . → Read More: Connect 2013

Penrith Plaza

We headed into town. After a bit of analysis, it turned out that the price of the train for the 5 of us was more than the price of parking at darling harbour, so we drove.

We started quite late and so decided to pop into Penrith for lunch. We stopped in at the . . . → Read More: Penrith Plaza

Kalorama to Lawson

We drove again to Lawson in one go. We are getting better at it. Though an 11 hour drive still takes us 17 hours. The girls are getting used to long drives and the promise of their cousin and nan are good attractors.

We made the customary stops at HMAS Otway and the Dog . . . → Read More: Kalorama to Lawson

Comments for the rest of June and up to the 6th of July

The evil twitter have changed their API yet again, so in part I moved over to Tumblr. This goes a bit into July. It will take some work to sort that out.


New tumblr post: “hello world” ,

New tumblr post: “Broken Signals @Auburn or thereabouts. Wondering if they are the . . . → Read More: Comments for the rest of June and up to the 6th of July

Malicious Sources

For the second time my site has fallen foul of some filter. This time it was the faceless people a Blue Coat have decided that my web site is unworthy. This time they accuse me of being a malicious source.

Access Denied (policy_denied)

Your request was categorized by Blue Coat Web Filter as . . . → Read More: Malicious Sources

Must Have Known

There are still, and have been for some time, people arguing about how one must or must not have known things. Here is a little javaesk code snippet about the endless loop that is generated. Clearly a patch needs to be installed.

Try { Say-something-to-illicit-a-response Case: responds: do stuff() Else: do other stuff() } . . . → Read More: Must Have Known