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It would seem that the problem with the PTV app is that it thinks that it is 4:35 am rather than 4:35 pm. http://yewenyi.tumblr.com/post/63446749703 October 08, 2013 at 03:34PM

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After Andrew picked up the girls we headed our to visit the soon-to-be-ours new house. On the way we saw the signs to the Kalorama – Mount Dandenong CFA fund raising sale and decided to go there first. Kirsten bought a bunch of things while I bough a sausage at the sausage sizzle.

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Final Inspection

We went around to the new house today to do a final inspection. This time Shirley was there. It was really good to meet her and I think she enjoyed meeting us. She is definitely very proud of her house and was being helpful in telling us all the little details and the stories of . . . → Read More: Final Inspection

Global Warming, bush fires and politics

With the current unusually hot weather in Sydney and the fires that happened on a catastrophic fire day. My mind turns to the topic of global warming and the increase in extreme hot weather events in Australia.

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Burglary Rate

We will soon be moving from Kalorama to Monbulk. I was talking to a woman in the bus. She was horrified and advised that we get good locks and maybe even an alarm system as Monbulk is very much more at risk than Kalorama.

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IKEA, Springvale

I have been going to IKEA and buying stuff for decades. But it turns out Kirsten had never been. She comes from a class of snobby people who think “the problem with shopping at Ikea is that everyone knows you shopped at Ikea”

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9 power outlets

We got the relo only a short time before we were due to go away. I took it down to Lilydale Auto Electrics who had helped me out of a bind before when the electric window on the ford would not wind up.

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