Fire Meeting

This year has not been a fire year. And this is a really late time to be having a meeting. Maybe the season which is only 11 days old will go on into February.


There has been lots of attention about the Western Australian decision to start culling the sharks. Particularly pointing out that really, sharks kill very few people in the entire world and that the money would be better spent fixing something that actually kills people.

But look at it from the pollies view.

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The dogs

Since we have moved in we had had a series of problems with the dogs. Mostly the big dogs. We had a dog run built. But there was a long shake down period as the dogs escaped from various places and we worked out where the places were and patched them. Mostly they . . . → Read More: The dogs


Sometimes the not in service bus stops to go to the bakery to get some food and drink.

Australia Day 2014

Here we are again, celebrating the day when the first permanent european settlement began marking the start of the greatest land theft this continent has ever seen.

It has been a sad and depressing year and things just keep on getting worse for the resulting country called Australia.

For starters, as if what . . . → Read More: Australia Day 2014


A little snippet.

Select case (is_honest) True: then { set (can’t_keep_a_secret = true); set (is_a_liar = false); }; False: then { set (can’t_keep_a_secret = false); set (is_a_liar = pathological); };

Three different shopping strategies

Krysta buys what she knows what she likes up to the amount. But never buys anything that is too pricey (over $2).

Milla is worried only about buying things that are good value for money. Will buy a few big things.

Chanel wants quantity of items. So buys lots of cheap items.

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Riding to the supermarket, making pizzas

On of the advantages of living where we are is that the one and only bicycle track goes past out front door. The girls rode for the first time to the super market.

Teresa still has a hard time with down hill sections on the balance bike. I . . . → Read More: Riding to the supermarket, making pizzas

Fruit Trees

We need smaller bags.

We have a small orchard in our backyard. Kirsten tells our visitors that they can pick some fruit. Most people just take what they need. A few fruit. Maybe half a dozen. But some, as Shirley warned us they would, just fill up the bag. We don’t . . . → Read More: Fruit Trees

Strange Snails

Some people come up with strange hypothesises to explain the known facts. For example. Take this observation. Almost every morning there are snails moving from the nature strip to the front yards along David Hill Road.

Now the sensible thing is to say, isn’t this odd. How come there are never . . . → Read More: Strange Snails