A bit of a repeat of a recent dream.

I am driving the relo. It is clearly in need of repair. Strangely it us booked into the same place on a slight hill that it was in the previous dream. The location is on a semi industrial, but rural road that . . . → Read More: Dream


I drove the short distance to the supermarket to get a few ingredients got dinner as there was not the time to walk it. There was a car behind me. Ahead I saw a small animal on the road. It was a young possum. I breaker as it ran straight towards me. Coming . . . → Read More: Possums

Selby Festival

Over the last few years we have always intended to go to the Selby Festival, but we have had other engagements. This was my first year at the festival.

The parking is a bit dire, but the festival itself is small and pleasant. Much better than some grimy street festival.

. . . → Read More: Selby Festival

Quilt festival and Landcare AGM.

Kirsten & I waked down into town to do some shopping. On the way back we stopped off at the quilt festival as Sara was supposed to have a stall there. But it seems we were there too late and she had left.

But we did bump into Phil. He was . . . → Read More: Quilt festival and Landcare AGM.

Stuck in Carnegie

I drove to Carnegie as I was expecting to pick Brutus up from the vet. But in the end that wasn’t necessary.

When I tried to drive home? the battery finally died. The RACV could not even jump start it. After replacing the battery everything was fine. Though . . . → Read More: Stuck in Carnegie


I wander through various people lives in this city that is in a browny cream and white monochrome. Lots of hard concrete surfaces.

Whilst in this city, I am in this large chemist warehouse. Various people are taking things away for delivery. They seem to think that I should do the same. But I . . . → Read More: Dream

Tweets 2014-02

“Ask your doctor if she wouldn’t do better-quality work if she made minimum wage, with the rest of her income from her patients’ tips.” — Alan Cooper (@MrAlanCooper) January 31, 2014

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February 01, 2014 at 05:49AM

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Why worry about sharks? http://t.co/QMg5mF2Wh2 #sharkAttack — Brian Yap (@yewenyi) January . . . → Read More: Tweets 2014-02