A terrible place for children

I used to do a bit of geocaching. When doing this, I’d take my camera around and take photos of the places we cached. Often the caches were in somewhere interesting to make the caching more interesting. But there was a down side. People, particularly in the hills district are fearful of people with cameras. They fear that we will take photos of their children as a preliminary step to molesting them. They watch you with suspicious minds. Though why they fear this redundant step has always bemused me. I suspect that they have psychological problems in dealing with the real world. In some places the risk of child kidnappings and other forms of molestation have grown so great that they have spent a fortune on installing high tech security systems. I would not want any children of mine to grow up in suburbs such as these. I mean, why would anyone go onto the internet to find someone first to molest? In my life the worst molestation I have seen had been in houses by parents against their own children. Perhaps they need the cameras inside the houses?

“you are being watched” by yewenyi [?]
you are being watched

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