Other things Tuesdays – 2011 August 23

Faffing, well I had never heard of the word. After it was said, and much later, I resorted to the internet to look it up. Having learned this old person slang, I decided to write a little ditty “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

I’ve been faffing on the internet

All the live-long day.

I’ve been faffing on the internet

Just to pass the time away.

Don’t you hear the computer beeping,

Rise up so early in the morn;

Don’t you hear the bosses shouting,

“Dinah, blow your horn!”

The Wiktionary definition:



Dialect, ‘blow in gusts’.



faff (third-person singular simple present faffspresent participle faffingsimple past and past participle faffed)

  1. (UKslang) To waste time on an unproductive activity.
    I decided to stop faffing about and get some work done.

[edit]Usage notes

Particularly used as faff about or faff around.


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