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A set of failures

Well, it started off on Sunday. I did a ride and the rear bolts holding the wheel came loose and needed tightening. Also the tyre on the front left was flat when I went down stairs, but I pumped it back up and it stayed up. Then today it was flat. The valve had faile where it joins the tube. So I put in a spare. Then the rear culster decided that it was out of adjustment and was skipping off the smallest cog and jamming between it and the frame. So I had to adjust that. Then when I came home the front dertailure had moved around a bit. So I needed to readjust that. Then most of the way home the rear tube failes in the same way as the front one had. So I had to reaplce that. I wonder if I am doing something wrong when I put the tubes in the tyres. I was much more careful on the last one and think I may have found, well hope I have found, a systemic fault in what I am doing.

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