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Bushwackers on iTunes

Well, I have not been an iTunes convert. Every time a music store opens up, I go and look for music by the Bushwackers. I used to go their dances at the Melbourne Show Grounds, before they were forced to close down. Always, I never find their albums. They only every released a few compilations on CD, which I have. I no longer have the LPs. So I was pleasantly surprised and concerned when I found all the albums on iTunes. It is good that they are there. The down side is that this might turn out to be expensive. Though, I checked the cost of a CD by another band. iTunes is only half the price of a CD. I have not purchased the music; yet.

Update: Just had a closer look, only their later albums are there. The early ones like Murrumbidgee are not. I wonder why?

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