White Lotus Restaurant

This place opened when I just lived down the road in West Melbourne. But soon after I moved to Kallista and now live in Marrickville. So it was good when it was suggested that we have dinner here. The menu has changed quite a bit in all these years. Previously it was just plain, really good Chinese vegetarian dishes. I had something that I had only tasted on the central parts of the YangTze river the first time I visited. I still do not know what it was. But now they have refined their craft. It is eerie. The vegetable dishes not only taste like their meat counterparts. They did this before. But now they look like them and have the same texture. Truly the finest proponent of this style of vegetarian food I have ever encountered. We had the fish and roast duck as mains.

White Lotus Restaurant
White Lotus Restaurant White Lotus Restaurant White Lotus Restaurant

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