Snakes in Kalorama

We were wondering what snakes live in our area. We back onto the Doongalla Forest, a part of the Dandenong Ranges National Park and there is some paranoia about such things. I found a web site (Bioinformatics) that splits Melbourne up into grid squares so we can look for the snakes that naturally live locally. Here is the list. I guess it is unfortunate, but we seem to have come up trumps when it comes to very poisonous snakes,

Snake Species Biodiversity ChecklistVictorian Snake Species Biodiversity Checklist for the area(s) chosen.
Family Scientific Name Common Name(s) Thumbnail  
Austrelaps superbus “Common Copperhead”  
Cryptophis nigrescens “Small-eyed Snake”  
Drysdalia coronoides “White-lipped Snake”  
Notechis scutatus “Tiger Snake”  
Pseudonaja textilis “Common Brown Snake”  


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